Sonos S5 White £283.49 at Amazon (10% off most Sonos products)
Sonos S5 White £283.49 at Amazon (10% off most Sonos products)

Sonos S5 White £283.49 at Amazon (10% off most Sonos products)

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Amazon have 10% off selected Sonos products until 1st January, making the S5 white £283.49 delivered. This is the same price as Best Buy when you include the 10% Quidco, but this is guaranteed.

Zone Bridge is cheaper with this offer at Amazon, as is the ZP90.
Starter Pack (S5 + ZB) are the same price.

Use code SONOSTEN for the discount


Great price. We have two of the S5's in our house, no other music system compares.
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Good deal - it's very rare to get money off Sonos. You should probably get the package with the Zonebridge if it's your first Sonos kit though

Oh God! They said that Sonos has a habit of multiplying and now I see why. I really do love my ZP90 and ZoneBridge and this would be a perfect addition for the kitchen. Would prefer black but at this price I think I could suffer the white.

Before buying I would consider the impact of Airplay which has just been released for Ipod devices.

Airplay enables you to stream directly from your Ipod/phone/pad to an Airplay dock rather than from a PC or NAS (network disk unit). Airplay docks are starting to come to market - likely to be loads to choose from soon and I suspect will be much cheaper than a Sonos setup. Not having to buy/configure a NAS (and leave it on) or leaving your PC on seems like a bonus to me.

Airplay supports multi room play but I don't think it allows different tunes in different rooms like Sonos does unless you have multiple Ipods,

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I have 3 sonos s5's. This is a good time to buy a 4th.

They sound very good, and give perfect 'reception' by using internet radio streams. Now that we are paying £5 a month for napster we have access to all the music/audio we could ever want.

I agree the apple stuff is promising, but I dont think it is doing quite the same thing. Will it allow perfect synchronisation and volume control across different zones (rooms) ?

I think these boxes are the correct compromise between sound quality, size, convenience and function.

They are just very expensive.

A very good price and I am tempted. My last Sonos S5 cost me £279.20, bought from advanced Mp3 Players.

They had 10% off the £349 standard price. Quidco listed cashback at 4.5%, but mine tracked (and paid) at 10% of the original price. So I got £34.90 off at amp3 and £34.90 from quidco! Bizarre.
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