Sony 1Gb MP3 Player NW-E003 - Brand New - £15.48 @ Bigpockets
Sony 1Gb MP3 Player NW-E003 - Brand New - £15.48 @ Bigpockets

Sony 1Gb MP3 Player NW-E003 - Brand New - £15.48 @ Bigpockets

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Manufacturer's Description
The all new MP3 WALKMAN flash
Intuitive and innovative

The MP3 WALKMAN Flash is not just beautifully small and lightweight, it's such an amazing music player that you'll be wondering how you ever managed without it in no time at all.

As well as its attractive design, available in a range of colours including black, violet, pink, blue, silver and a very exclusive lime green, the new E Series is tiny, as small as a pack of chewing gum and packs a real punch when it comes to playing your favourite tunes on the move.

To make life even easier, it comes with a built-in direct USB jack which means you can simply plug it in to your PC and transfer all your favourite music within seconds. As well as being very easy to use, you get up to 28* hours playback with the fantastic rechargeable battery.

*when using ATRAC 132 kbps with the power save mode set at 'super'

If this wasn't enough, it only takes a mere three minutes to charge in order to enjoy up to three hours of playback. So plug it in, make a cup of tea and your new E Series is ready to entertain you for the next three hours. For a full charge, the E Series only needs two hours.

You also get a set of headphones, the essential SonicStage3.4 CD-ROM and a quick start guide whether you choose the 512 MB, 1 GB version or the 2 GB one. So once you've made your purchase, you're ready to go. Other accessories available are an attractive armband, a silicon protective case, an acrylic splash-proof case and a clip with 3 caps making this one of the most stylish music players on the market.

If this wasn't enough to make you rush out and buy your E Series WALKMAN, it's also worth noting that it comes fully equipped with stop watch and a clock and calendar function too.

The E Series offers unbelievable sound quality, especially when using Sony ATRAC compression technology. Furthermore it's also compatible with the most commonly used compression formats such as MP3 and WMA*.

* WMA files with DRM protection are not supported

Looking for more tunes? Turn to Connect Online Music Store

If you are looking at expanding your music collection with the latest tunes, you can easily find them through the Connect Online Music Store. Over 1,000,000 tracks are waiting to be added to your E Series WALKMAN.

Whichever colour you choose or whichever size, you are destined to love your new E Series WALKMAN Flash and you will never leave home without it.

Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery with great Stamina of 30 hours
High speed battery charge: 3 minutes charging will give you 3 hours playback time
Transfer up to 45 CD's onto the internal memory thanks to ATRAC3plus compression technology
Direct USB plug for ease of use
Bright and clear 1-line OLED display for easy navigation
Multiple codec support: ATRAC, MP3 and WMA compatible
SonicStage 3.4 software for easy music management and transfers of your favourite tracks


great find! delivery is £5.49, though..

also, the file transfer on these players is EXTREMELY slow

Not a bad price for 1gb, i got the 2gb version for £18 a while back from play.

Use the software from here to enable drag and drop:


Good little player but sony force you to use there rubbish software unless you use the link provided ;-)

I've added a price (inc del) and retailer name to the thread title. Thanks.

Not as good as the play.com one through, 2gb £18 inc, post.

Good, but not as good as this one which has 2GB, voicerecorder and drag and drop of mp3s.

But the battery life is 30hrs. In NWDB105 model it is only 10hrs. Also NWDB105 bulky compared to NWE003


But the battery life is 30hrs. In NWDB105 model it is only 10hrs. Also … But the battery life is 30hrs. In NWDB105 model it is only 10hrs. Also NWDB105 bulky compared to NWE003

Dont forget about NWE003 also has 3 mins charge = 3 hour playback. The bad thing is that you have to use Sonic Stage to put music on it.

Got the white 105, (2gb) today.. no probs with it, great price at , play.com.. getting another one at this price, before they go up..... like the zen stone plus as ??? as for to bulky, ? no way.. this is ok, fits anywhere.. only thing is pity no case or cover + a clip etc... BUT this is nit picking to be honest.. like it. hot still. £44 argos ??

You can use VoidMP3 to transfer mp3 files to E003. It will sit on the MP3 player and you can use it on any windows machine to transfer MP3 files.
I have both NDW-B105 and NW-E003. To be honest I like the E003 the most. It is beautiful and the OLED is great. The LCD screen on the 105 is not very good.
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