Sony 40" Full HD 1080 LCD Smart Bravia TV for £249.99 @ hyperfi

Sony 40" Full HD 1080 LCD Smart Bravia TV for £249.99 @ hyperfi

Found 15th May 2013
Good deal...

More info about TV - >…810

Ex-Display Model
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Dat bezel!

Hot though.
I'm not a Sony fan but I have yo say this is an incredible price. You can't even get no brand names for much cheaper. Excellent find
warranty period?
lmao that bezel is fat af.
I remember when the W-Series was the one to have!!! Great price, good find.
~2009 model hence the ugly look lol

Pretty good for the price (very good actually)…810
It's a good clearance price for a 3 y/o model... the abundance of "legacy" connector may suit some...

Unfortunately is a store-only deal.

Heat from me though, is a good find for those who can benefit from it
The photo on their website is of the KDL-40EX403, if you go to the Sony website link above you'll see the actual model. Neither of them are smart TVs really though.
Excellent deal if you live in or near Romford!
This model has a Freesat tuner. Hot!
in store only - good deal on the Samsung smart tv
I've just picked up a Sony to replace an LG (sony was 180 quid from Tesco clearance).

I now know why Sonys get good reviews for picture quality. Its far better than the LG 6100 it replaced. I think I'm converted.

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I have the 32" version of this, bought it for £299 in 2010 and it has been fantastic! I'm quite tempted to upgrade to this 40", very good TV for the price.
I have this TV and have had for a few years. It's been faultless since I got it. Great connectivity, Freesat tuner and a decent picture, with 1080p24. The only thing I would say is the Bravia engine has come on a fair bit since this was released, but for the price I would say this is a good deal.
It may be an old model,but at 249.99 it is a steal if you live around there,sadly I don't.Heat added.
Good deal though
Fantastic price - has Freesat which is a bonus if you can't get Freeview near you (or don't have SKY/Virgin etc)

But yeah, as others have said, wrong stock photo on hyperfi, it's this one...

I have the Z5800 (the 200hz version) - amazing TV, still beats the poop out of most LED sets I have seen
WOW it looks so dated!!!
Built in Freeview

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shame only instore....
Great price, I bought the KDL 40w4500 when it was WhatHiFi TV of the year 2008 for £850 !!! Its still faultless.
Bad quality TV It was bad quality then !! I had the same model ( I think paid around £700 then) A LOT of light leak through the corners. It should ve been priced £250 4 years ago so now at this price I dont think it is hot !! Only hot if you think the 4 letter badge is worth that money !!
Ex Display :-(
Ex Display :-(
mother of god. I'm kind of hoping my TV breaks so I can get this!
Scorchio of you can get one.

Dat bezel!Hot though.

What's with bezel infatuation ? I must say


Do you know the difference between LCD and 'LED' TVs?
cold. not online and store only. in a specific location
I have a 40w5710 bought a couple of years ago and find it a great TV.

Doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the newer smart TVs but this generation of of Sony's have always been great for sd viewing and for £250 what do you expect.

WOW it looks so dated!!!

WOW your post looks so dated.
amazing how hot one ex display tv can get !!

so there may have only been one and it was snapped up hours ago ?!
We bought the other model mentioned, EX403. It was a great deal and we bought it a few years ago. That has Freeview HD not Freesat. Overall good TV and lots of widgets/app but yeah I'd agree, they are not like the next generation samsung smart tv's with the full bell and whistles. On ours has got BBC and Five only, plus youtube and the like. USB mpeg4 playback, DLNA, etc Just make sure it's got what you want first.
Personally I prefer the TV as a monitor scenerio - SMART functions change like the wind - it's easier, cheaper in the long run and more functional to use an android tv stick / reevo etc etc.

I've got a Sony around this age, kdl40ex503. It's connected to the home network but I can't recall a single time I choose to use it's functions over the ps3 connected to it or my laptop with a media kb.
Awful TV. I've got one and it's the worse purchase I've made. Buy at your peril. You may as well get a mirror the screen is so shiny.
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I got one when they first came out and its a great TV, I paid £600 and that was on a good deal.

Would highly recommend.
Wow that bezel.
Watch this dealer though, they are notorious for advertising "loss leaders" that are almost never in stock, or when they are, they're at best B grade.
Good deal.
I paid £735 for a KDL40W5500 in September 2009.
A work college paid over £1,000 for the same TV a couple of months before that.
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