Sony 500GB Freeview HD Recorder - £269.99 Delivered @ Play

Sony 500GB Freeview HD Recorder - £269.99 Delivered @ Play

Found 24th Mar 2011
This says 4-5 days delivery time but if you can wait this is a fantastic price for this 500GB Sony HD Freeview Recorder. Most other mainstream sites have this for £300+ and the equivalent Humax 500GB is about £280+ in most places.

Don't forget Quidco!


Hot from me!
I've been waiting for Sony to release a Freeview HD recorder and the reviews sound positive.
This is the best price by about £50!

ive been waiting along time also.. sony are a bit slow on the uptake compared to other manufactueres.


Any reviews online?

Wonder how it stacks up against the Humax HDR Fox T2?

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I've not seen any reviews for it yet, only a few previews, but I think the T2 FOX is the biggest competitor. As Freeview HD rolls out further across the country I expect we'll see the market hot up this year and more manufacturers will release their own sets. There's also a 1TB Sony box coming along in May, so I might wait for that - there should be plenty of reviews by then.


Looks like a lovely bit of kit.User Manual for your perusal.Heat.

Cheers for the link!
The ability to transfer recorded programmes to an external XFS formatted drive via the USB suggest the 500GB might be the best value and an external drive rather than paying a premium for the 1TB model, though 125 hours of HD on the 500GB is a lot of TV!

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Yes I was thinking the same thing designaw, I can't justify an extra £130 for the 1TB version over the 500GB version when I have a spare 1TB external hard disk at home anyway

Now gone up to £289.99
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