SONY 7inch Digital Photoframe £54.99 @ Comet

SONY 7inch Digital Photoframe £54.99 @ Comet

Found 7th Dec 2008
My first post, so hope this is useful to some of you. Found this sony digital frame, as I was looking for a better quality frame than the cheaper £30 units.

This is usually £99.99, but comet currently have it at £84.99. I used voucher SONYDPF20 for an additional £20 discount bringing it down to £64.99

Can also reserve and collect in store too.

Now £54.99 after discount applied


not sure why this is cold its a cracking price


not sure why this is cold its a cracking price

Agreed (providing £20 off code works), I couldn't see it anywhere else cheaper online.
You can get digital photo frames for less - saw one unbranded one in Tesco yesterday - but this is a Sony.

Voted hot cos it is hot

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Sorry I didn't mention it in the post. But the code worked for me and I reserved it for store pick up and was charged £64.99. Best deal I could get on a really decent frame.

The best digital frames around at a cracking price.

might be being a idiot but where do you apply he discount cant see it anywhere!?

What res is this? might pick it up as I'm sending back an Ality frame I got from which was just rubbish!

Its 800x600 IIRC its a cracking display

The discount code is in the top of tthe basket

Does anyone know what the actual model number is?

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Its the Sony 7" DPF-D70B model.


Its the Sony 7" DPF-D70B model.

Thanks. I have just reserved one for £64.99 :thumbsup:

Why is this cold - it's a brilliant piece of kit at a great price!

Great photo frame and brilliant price

Don't know why it's been expired. Comet now has this for the reduced price of £74.99 and the code still worked for me - bringing the total cost to down £54.99 :thumbsup:

Unexpired as above, thanks...

First post - Just picked this from the Stafford branch at £54.99, been after this for my girlfriend for a couple of months, so am well chuffed...

This is my first post and wanted to let people know that Ive just managed to reserve one and when using the SONYDPF20 as the promotion code the price is £54.99! The same frame is selling for £99.99 in Currys and £74.99 on Play and Amazon. Hot :thumbsup:

Anyone know how long the mains lead is on this?



Cracking deal... couple of reviews

Recent ComputerActive : ]http//ww…tal
and another review with some good shots of the frame

Bubba Shaboo;3700102

Anyone know how long the mains lead is on … Anyone know how long the mains lead is on this?Cheers,[COLOR="Red"]Bubba[/COLOR]

You can download the manual ]here, but I can't see the cable length

Got mine for £55 this evening - sure there was another thread about this same deal where I spotted it - and am very pleased.

They give an excellent picture and far better than a lot of the competition

I got this from the Bristol Comet store where it still had the £99 price tag. I reserved it for £64.99 and noticed the reduced price earlier so got it for £54.99 a great deal!

Now £64.99 (after discount)?

i bought one for my parents last week for £74 and its a cracking frame, saw this yesterday so bought one for my self for £55 looks like they have put the price back up now though.

Just picked mine up - £64.99, but still a great price for a cracking piece of kit!


what is the code!??

Now expired - even though I reserved it at this price they wouldn't sell it to me :x
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