Sony A230 Digital SLR 199.99 @ BestBuy

Sony A230 Digital SLR 199.99 @ BestBuy

Found 27th May 2010
I saw this deal in the Southampton Deals e-brochure on their website: (4 pages in or something like that)…als

They had the same deal gong on at the opening of the Thurrock store as well.

It's a bit far for me but i've emailed them and I'll find out the response.

Sony A230 Digital SLR
18-55mm standard zoom lens
10.2 MegaPixels
2.7" LCD Screen


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Bigger picture for those who can't be bothered to check the brochure!

I'd be buying that straight away... if there was a BestBuy near me

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I'd be buying that straight away... if there was a BestBuy near me

I know, i might go down there with a mate one day, train shouldn't take to long and won't cost that much.

Plus, I will have saved more by going by train and buying it there than online.

Oppurtunity cost!

Good price and I'd have one if I had a chance however being realistic, its a loss making opening offer most likely restricted to 10/20 units which will have been snapped up long since by the people who queued up prior to opening or where able to get down there earlier on today.
To my mind its not a deal at this point cause they have most likely all gone already.

brilliant price for this. i bought the a200 a while ago when it was a little over £200, very impressed with it!

This is £70 cheaper than I can see it anywhere else. HOT.

Excellent price for decent entry level DSLR

A mate is after a cheap DSLR, but unfortunatley this is over 250 miles away

nearest one to me is not worth goin for cos of petrol!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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