Sony Air ipod dock with wireless subwoofer £119.95 @ Richer Sounds
Sony Air ipod dock with wireless subwoofer £119.95 @ Richer Sounds

Sony Air ipod dock with wireless subwoofer £119.95 @ Richer Sounds

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In store deal for VIP customers. Was £169.95 in sale but reduced further for VIP (customers with Email address registered).
Go steady as my first post!

The Sony AIR-SW10Ti offers a step-up in quality from the usual iPod dock.

Like other docks, the Sony AIR SW10Ti dock features stereo speakers placed either side of a dock that works with iPods and iPhones. Where it excels over other docks is in offering a built-in DAB/FM radio. This does away for the need of a separate radio in the room and makes the AIR-SW10Ti the ideal all-in-one solution for the office, bedroom or kitchen. Further enhancing its appeal as a high quality bedroom system is the iPod/tuner timer. You can wake up to or drift off to sleep listening to either iPod or radio.

The second area where this Sony dock offers more is with the wireless subwoofer. Like most docks, the AIR-SW10Ti doesn't provide much in the way of bass, so the matching subwoofer is an ideal way of boosting the lower frequencies for genuine, full-range, sound quality. As the subwoofer is wireless, there's also no need for a connection wire between base and subwoofer. Simply plug the sub into the mains and away you go. Finally, to allow you to get the best from this superior docking station, there's a built-in equaliser with four settings plus a Harmonic Sound Bass Boost. This lets you tailor the sound to your personal preference.

If you liked the idea of a docking station but have been put off by tinny sound or wires to a sub, then the Sony AIR-SW10Ti is for you. Take your iPod or iPhone in to your nearest store today and give it a whirl!
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Retailer & price in title would help.


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This seems a great price don't know why its going cold ... i'll try and get this price instore tomorrow and report back

I tried one of these and the sound was really bad, but it might have been faulty, but to be honest I've never heard a good Sony audio unit.

its incredible anyone leaves posts on this site the amount of critisism that you can come in for simple errors, have people not got a life of their own to get on with rather than posting petty comments

ordered 1 from the Sheffield branch for pick up tomorrow.... richersounds.com/vip

well impressed with my new purchase...thanks for the spot andrewpaul27

Just reserved the last one for collection after uni from oxford branch, dont know why its so cold, the asda one about a month ago for £150 was scorching hot. Hope its a good system, a friend of mine has one and says the sound quality is on par with the bose wave!!! Hot . Cheers

OMG why the hell is this so cold!!!!!!

lol, it's freezin' in here. why???
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