Sony BDP-S360 - Blu Ray Player - £79.99 Delivered @ HMV

Sony BDP-S360 - Blu Ray Player - £79.99 Delivered @ HMV

Found 14th Mar 2011
Take your movie experience in High Definition to the next level with the new Blu-ray Disc™ player BDP-S360 from Sony. The S360 combines sophisticated design with high-class performance: excellent High Definition picture and sound quality, ease of use and great internet connectivity for BD-Live.

Key Features:

# The new Blu-ray Disc™ player from Sony - has been created to get the most out of your High Definition TV. You can experience the superior 1080p High Definition video content giving you sharper pictures, deeper colours and a more dramatic impact.
# With 24p True Cinema - you can enjoy and experience the film precisely as the movie was shot, bringing you the true cinematic experience into the comfort of your own living room.
# The player is backwards compatible - with DVDs so connecting via HDMI™ means you can upscale them to the best picture possible via the Precision Cinema HD Upscale technology. So your existing DVD collection will look outstanding on your Full HD TV.
# x.v.Color™ - allows the S360 to show images with natural and more vivid colours similar to what the human eye actually sees in the real world.
# The Deep Colour technology - gives you smoother images and more colour variation when connecting your S360 to a Deep Colour ready HD TV via HDMI™, bringing you a more colourful movie experience.
# With the PhotoTV HD - dedicated still picture display technology you can view your digital photos at their best on your 'BRAVIA' TV.
# The Precision Drive HD technology - helps you get the most out of your Blu-ray Disc™s and DVDs, even if they are bent or scratched.
# Full HD Audio Decoding - of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding – to get sound quality so rich and powerful it's like listening to the movie's original sound track in the studio.
# 7.1 channel High Definition Surround Sound Bitstream - via HDMI™ connection for an outstanding sound quality.
# Following the same award-winning design - as the PLAYSTATION®3 menu, the XrossMediaBar™ menu system provides simple and intuitive control to give you a smoother user experience.
# The Quick Start-up mode - allows you to get your Blu-ray Disc™ player started after just six seconds (6 sec), a time unrivalled by other products available today.
# The BRAVIA sync technology - enables you synchronise your Blu-ray Disc™ player to BRAVIA televisions and Home Theatre systems at the touch of a button.
# The latest applications - for the S360 can be updated via the Internet through Firmware updates via Ethernet. By running updates your Blu-ray Disc™ player can always deliver optimum performance.
# Featuring BD-Live - the new Blu-ray Disc™ player from Sony gives you access to interactive features. Connected direct to the internet, BD-Live brings you more exclusive extras like Bonus Features, News & Trailers and Games.
# Through the BonusView functionality - a separate stream of video will play along with the movie in the form of a ‘picture-in-picture’ format and show interviews with the film’s cast and crew, storyboards and other visual content.
# The stylish design of the S360 - perfectly complements your BRAVIA TV to create a harmonised home entertainment system to fit seamlessly into your living room space.


Spend the extra for the 370, far superior. and can be had for under 100.00

WHF said it beats the top of the line last years model the 760 I think

I paid £150 for this last's now sat in my spare room not being used. Takes ages to load, and just feels unresponsive - I much prefer my PS3
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