Sony BDVE370 Home Cinema System - £279.95 @ Richer Sounds
Sony BDVE370 Home Cinema System - £279.95 @ Richer Sounds

Sony BDVE370 Home Cinema System - £279.95 @ Richer Sounds

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RRP £500!

3D ready Blu-ray Disc™/DVD home cinema with easy iPod playback
850W, Full HD 3D via software update, DVD Upscaler, USB, BRAVIA Internet Video, satellite speakers

Watch movies in 3D for stunning, real life viewing
Stream music and videos straight from the internet
USB to access a wide range of personal content


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I managed to get Currys to price match it they gave 10% on top of the price difference, so another £10 off the price!


No HDMI in? No ta.

This system gives excellent sound, I got one of these from PCWorld on price match when they were £299.00 in January.

You do need a UWA-BR100 USB WI-FI dongle for net access which isn't as fast as it is supposed to be and cost me £70 for mine.

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No HDMI in? No ta.

The cost of HDMI cables are nominal..!

i bought the sony e870 which is basicly the same but with floor standing front speaker and an very pleased but the price of this set up is now £599 on amazon i only paid £350ish and got the vat back through a sony offer


The cost of HDMI cables are nominal..!

lol he meant hdmi inputs

"RRP £500 !" So who ever pays the RRP??


There seems to be a HDMI input in this … There seems to be a HDMI input in this picture..http://static.trustedreviews.com/2caf3d%7Cc5db_13520-rear.jpg

That's a HDMI output connection

Full details here (page 10)

Can anyone tell me if the system below is any good?


I am a complete novice when it comes to things like this, I just want something I can connect my xbox 360 and sky hd to, with a good picture and sound system.

I think the one I posted to me appeals to me as I can get a wireless module for the rear speakers (for £85) so that means I would not have to run a cable from the blu ray player across the floor to rear speakers.

Also the fact it will have love film/iplayer.

Looking to spend £200 - £400 on a decent system (can anyone PM me any advice or comments).

How does the system compare?

Much appreciated.

@thiggy, as this is a RS deal i presume you can travel to an RS store? If so your best bet is to go in there, i know the plymouth branch has really good helpful sales people who will give solid advice.
I just spent near £300 on a new audio system which was:

Pioneer VSX-520 AV receiver(£200 online, managed to get the price down a fair way since they didnt have any onkyo 508 left when website said it did)
1 pair of Cambridge Audio S30 speakers -£100

Not sure if your looking for a 5.1/7.1 setup and or bluray player? I am using my pc currently with a bluray drive so i didnt need a bluray player, went for the more expensive but higher quality option :P. I will be expanding my setup to 5.0 later this year so a rough total cost would be around £450 without a sub ( 4*s30 speakers and s50 centre speaker) and if i get a sub thats like £550.

edit: Sorry missed a big chunk of your post! Adding to the above, the vsx-520 has 3 hdmi inputs and 1 output so you could plug a 360 and your skybox along with a bluray player to the box and then use a hdmi cable from the av receiver to the tv.

The link you posted should handle what you need no problem, not sure on how good the speakers and that would be but id assume they were acceptable :). AFAIK wireless tech for speakers are still, terrible but youll have to research that or go to a retail store like RS and ask for advice.

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I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago. Was going to go to RS but called in my local Currys on the way and they were selling it for £350 so I got them to match the price and ended up getting it for a bargain!

Really good system, the video streaming from a PC is very useful, as is watching youtube and iPlayer

On the Sony cinema systems....

When you hook up an ipod.... Can you select the songs/artists on screen when connected rather than having to physically go to the ipod and choose it yourself?

with my ipod touch 2nd gen I can use the remote to pause and skip tracks but there is no display on the tv

Oh really! Rubbish!

My friend had a samsung system and it automatically put all the songs/artists on screen.

I'm looking at buying this one....
Sony BDV-E870

In the description it says....
Easily release music and video from your MP3 player via the USB port, and play or listen back through the big screen
Entertainment Database Browser with Gracenote technology displays cover art, search history plus track and album information

Any ideas, ideally want it on screen and able to select via remote before I purchase...

My parents have an LG system that does what you are describing and I was hoping that this would be the same. I'm not sure why it doesn't do it but it does a lot of other stuff like being able to browse and listen to your music library stored on your PC or external HDD.

Jamie, I am on about a different system?!

Or are you saying that on the system I posted that it is the same?

I hope not as I was near enough going to order the one I posted...

No, I was talking about the one originally posted.

The E870 probably will have the on-screen iPod navigation, but I don't think it's worth spending over twice as much money for this and a couple of other little extras (unless there's something I've missed?)

You get 'tallboy' speakers too (which is what I wanted)

I have found it for £378, so an extra £100 for the better looking speakers (in my opinion) and possibly (i hope the ipod feature).

It's £599 on amazon...

Yeah, it's the Amazon price I saw - if it's only £100 more then it's not so bad, you do get the speaker stands too

I think on the one i stated you can stream music from your laptop out of the TV?

Since all my music is on my hard drive.... I guess that means the ipod display etc is not such an importance?

Although you would think if you could stream.... Very list the player would recognise it from ipod?
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