Sony Bravia 22'' KDL-22E5300 LCD TV with DLNA m&s

Sony Bravia 22'' KDL-22E5300 LCD TV with DLNA m&s

Found 23rd Feb 2010
Sony Bravia 22" LCD Tv with DLNA.

Featuring the unique, modern and elegant BRAVIA Picture Frame design to fit stylishly into your home
When you are not watching TV, turn it into a digital picture frame with Picture Frame Mode. Fill the black hole in your room by using your TV to display your own pictures or the pre-installed masterpieces
Enjoy images with impressive depth and clarity, optimal contrast, vibrant colours and truer-to life tones with BRAVIA ENGINE 3
Enjoy vibrant pictures on screen with optimal colour purity thanks to Live Colour. You can select one of the four options, Off, Low, Mid, and High, to adjust colour vividness for optimal image quality.
If you enjoy watching films then this is the TV for you - view movies exactly how the director intended with 24p True Cinema
See the most crisp and clear pictures even with analogue signal thanks to Intelligent Picture
Experience the effect of digital surround sound from only two front speakers with our advanced S-Force Front Surround technology
Alter the volume of voices without changing background volume with Voice Zoom
Enjoy video, music and photo content from your computer on your TV with DLNA home networking technology
Share your favourite photos, music or videos on the big screen with the easy-to-use USB Media Player.

Yes I know you can get a Panasonic 26" for £40 more, but it doesn't have DLNA


Hot, good price for this model


I thought i read it as Sony Bravia with DLA. I was just imagining the queue at our local dole office :-D

So you can use just as much electricity when you're not using your TV?

Good deal, but not very green, if you believe in such things.

And BTW, DLA isn't an unemployment benefit and has nothing to do with the dole.

That's one ugly TV.


That's one ugly TV.

They look brilliant in the right environment, for example a very modern and minimalist loft apartment (posh flat).


That's one ugly TV.

Looks more like a digital picture frame. The feet remind me of something from my childhood....

Ah, that's it! :-D

Hi more news on this deal ? anybody help ? Have any stores got this model in stock at this price ?:whistling::whistling::whistling::whistling:
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