Sony Bravia 37 inch KDL-37EX403 - £399 @ (Freeview HD / Internet TV) ( KDL37EX403 )

Sony Bravia 37 inch KDL-37EX403 - £399 @ (Freeview HD / Internet TV) ( KDL37EX403 )

Found 1st Oct 2010
Experience Full HD:
Experience TV, movies & games in amazing Full HD, while the Bravia 3 engine provides impressive detail, optimal contrast, and truer-to-life colour tones
Built-in tuner for easy access to FreeviewHD:
Access all free-to-air Freeview and Freeview HD channels with the in-built tuner.
Easy Wi-Fi access to online content and services:
Access BRAVIA Internet Video giving you access to YouTube and catch up TV
DLNA for media streaming:
DLNA allows you to stream movies, music and photos from compatible devices
Enjoy music, photos & videos with HDMI and USB
Easy connectivity with 4 HDMI, DLNA, XrossMediaBar and BRAVIA Sync

Firmware update includes iPlayer access.


Personally I'd rather pay a bit over £400 (with code) from amazon because I trust them more, but that code finishes on sunday, and this is still the lowest by some margin.
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good deal

good deal

Why thank you Mr Q
Bought a 42" Panasonic Plasma from Play 3 years problems at all
quidco too...

any good reviews?
Buy this and you'll get £2 quidco!!!!
Big Sony tv fan myself tried other brands and had issues with them
Tempted, but thinking maybe I should be going for a 100hz model now
iz niiiice iiii liiiike
Good deal, although the 100hz models with the Bravia Engine 3 processor are superb

Tempted, but thinking maybe I should be going for a 100hz model now

I would, had a 50hz and then won a 100hz and £2000 worth of Sony products after entering a competition from this site. I would never go back to 50hz!
nice price heat added...

can alos get it for £399 at John Lewis with 5 Year…735
sorry my mistake its a 32" at John Lewis
Whats the model no of the Sony 100hz model?

Also does it need a wi-fi dongle to be wireless? Someone one on reviewed it saying it does.
Alan Peck

nice price heat added... can alos get it for £399 at John Lewis with 5 … nice price heat added... can alos get it for £399 at John Lewis with 5 Year Guarentee...

The link for John Lewis is a 32 inch not 37 inch
"Whats the model no of the Sony 100hz model?"

EX503 and higher models

"Also does it need a wi-fi dongle to be wireless?"
Yes though from the NX503 and up they have wifi built it I believe. Depending on what you plan to play back you might be better off running wired or using 200 mbps Homeplugs.

"iwd - is this tv better than this one"

It looks good, depends what you want from a set.
i want a tv for gaming and watching sports, whats the pros and cons of each one and which is the best? cheers
I can't give you that info as not familiar with the LG. You can compare the specs and see what both models do etc and decide for yourself.

The Sony has online functionality like BBC iPlayer, 5 On Demand, rumours of YouView (BBC, ITV, C4) on demand coming, YouTube, iLoveMovies and others.

The Sony has a Freeview HD tuner, it doesn't look like the LG does. Sport on BBC HD and ITV HD looks great fyi

imo I'd buy the Sony over the LG. If your main interests are sport you might want to look at getting a 100mhz model like the Sony EX503 series. I don't know any LG 100mhz sets but I'm sure they will do them. It depends on your budget of course.

only looking to spend £400, im not in a freeview hd aerial so will the sony pick up normal channels? im getting sky +hd with sports monday
Sony has freeview as well and analog. You know analog is being turned off and Freeview HD being rolled out across the country ?

On a budget of £400 you won't get a 100mhz set so ignore that.

You could save £30 get the LG that doesnt do the online stuff, the media playback or future proof with freeview hd (if you move, they roll it out in your area) etc...or get the Sony (as I would)

yes, i am not on about analog sorry. was on about just standard freeview, will it pick it up? prob will cancel my lg order then
Yes it has Freeview, Freeview HD and analog tuner.
great will get it then, cheers for the help
no problem, hope you enjoy it ! If you don't get it online you can download firmware updates from Sony website. You'll need to update to get iPlayer working. When gaming make sure you set the 'scene' using the remote to game mode, it reduces lag by turning off the bravia filtering.
iwd - no competition between Sony and LG.

Sony all the way
iws: I feel your pain, I've been looking at TV after TV. Finally settled on this.

I bought from amazon because with the 10% code, and £12 vouchers I have, it took it to £400.88, and my personal preference is with amazon due to returns helpfulness and also they gave me another trial of prime

I'm a big fan of LG, but Sony in the main seem to be up there with Panasonic etc.

I'd love 100hz, but can't afford it at the mo.
so tempted.....
was looking for a 32" EX403 and was going to place an order on Amazon at around £350....but at that price, I may pay that extra £50 or so for a much bigger version...

Very hot!
The panel in the 32" and 40" Sony is supposed to be better than the 37".

The panel in the 32" and 40" Sony is supposed to be better than the 37".

hmm... they are the same as far as I knew. You got a link please?
We bought one of these about 3 weeks back from John Lewis Bristol for £399,have no complaints on picture quality,freeview HD excelent,very good prog guide...Its the network thats bugging me,I Player is great,but trying to stream films from the PC is a nightmare, its on a wired network as i would not pay £70 for the wirless dongle,its very fussy as to the film format,says avhcd or Mpeg 2 work,but its rare to get one working at all,MP£ and photos are fine. Its a good TV,but not so good PC Network
i would not have a 100hz tv for gaming, increases input lag. Good deal!

hmm... they are the same as far as I knew. You got a link please?

Sony/Samsung didn't manufacture their own 37" panels, I've no idea if this is the case now though.

All curent tv are fussy about media files or the UPNP / DLNA server. You can get plenty of good server apps than transcode on the fly to the format the tv wants. Windows built in media server from WMP isn't that great and the quality output can be poor. Use something like PMS or Mezzmo. You can find plenty of info on avforums about streaming media to tvs inc this model on the those forums. Or just buy a WDTV Live player or Asus O!play and then you don't have to worry about formats and transcoding, just play as is.

The wifi adapter is very expensive for what it is !

100mhz can cause input lag. The EX503 once set to 'game mode' scene is very playable including Call of duty and fast FPS games with no discernible lag.
"hmm... they are the same as far as I knew. You got a link please?"

On avforums you'll find the information, Sony/Samsung make all sizes except for 37 which are from AUO. If you find reviews online from the likes of trustedreviews and other sites they all discuss this. The AUO 37" isn't bad, its just the Sony/Samsung 32", 40"+ are a bit better.

Some large size Sony's are Sharp, google will find you the info. Sharp make some excellent panels so this is a good thing!
damn, play says i have to have it shipped to my billing address, i need it shipped elsewhere! what can i do!
Thanks for the info all.

So is this a major problem or what? I'm not overly particular about visuals - in fact this TV will be miles better than anything else I've had regardless.

However, is this something i should be concerned about or not?
Heat added, I like the look of this B*gger, and it's payday.
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