Sony Bravia KDL40W4000 TV + 5 yr warranty + Blu Ray BDP 350 £899
Sony Bravia KDL40W4000 TV + 5 yr warranty + Blu Ray BDP 350 £899

Sony Bravia KDL40W4000 TV + 5 yr warranty + Blu Ray BDP 350 £899

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On offer in my local Sony Centre Northampton.

TV is well regarded (What Hi Fi 5 stars).

Not the cheapest for basic telly - some internet retailers have in on for £789 ish but dont offer the warranty and Blu Ray player.

Got it set up now - looks awesome!


do you have the direct link the link is only to the sony centre main website and when i search for the tv it says nothing found cheers

this was £699 last month!

It was the 40V4000 last month, this was £999 so this is a fantastic price. The TV is much better than the V series, including being able to portray images like a 40" digital photo frame!
You could also replace the blue ray player with a 40gb?? PS3 for £99 if you preferred.

Heat & Rep, i'll be going to a Sony centre now to see if I can find the deal...Albeit last time the Hereford Sony Centre added £100 to the last time this deal was on???

Just checked with my local Sony Centre in Cardiff. Their price is £1100 for this package with 1 year warranty. For a 5 year warranty they want another £100.:x

Also checked Newport store and their price is £1099.

Sounds like it may not be across their stores.

This could probably be just at the Sony centers run by Sonex (as was the case last time).
You can run a yahoo/google search on Sonex Sony and find the one closest and give them a call?

I just bought the S350 for £225 from my local Sony centre last week (haggled them down from £250 to at least compete with web prices). It's a fantastic player! Load times on the old players have dropped significantly and it's much smaller. Picture is great and the HD sound is frankly amazing.

Just rang Sony in Leeds and the best they can do is £969. Or the Tv by itself for £999.
Or go next door to Richer Sounds and save £200 on the tv.
Let think this deal over or go to Sony Centre Northampton

The following Sony Centres are operated by Sonex Communications
Bluewater Sony Centre Unit SVU03, Bluewater
Brent Cross Sony Centre Unit 18 Brent Cross Shopping Centre, London
Bristol Sony Centre Unit M16 The Galleries, Bristol
High Wycombe Sony Centre Union Parade, High Wycombe
Luton Sony Centre Unit 112/114 Arndale Shopping Centre, Luton
Manchester City Sony Centre 156 Marsden Way, Manchester
Mayfair Sony Centre 16 North Audley Street, Mayfair
Merryhill Sony Centre Unit 34 the Upper Mall, Dudley
Milton Keynes Sony Centre Sunset Walk, Milton Keynes
Northampton Sony Centre Unit 16 Upper Level, Northampton
Norwich Sony Centre Unit 19, 128 Merchant Hall, Lower Ground, Norwich
Oxford Sony Centre Unit 7, Oxford
Sheffield Meadow Hall Sony Centre 56 High Street, Sheffield
Solihull Sony Centre 53 Mill Lane, Solihull
The Cribbs Causeway Sony Centre The Mall, Bristol
Trafford Sony Centre 9 Regent Crescent, Manchester
Warrington Sony Centre 71 The Mall , 128 Merchant Hall, Lower Ground, Warrington


this was £699 last month!

of course it was.

Hot deal and voted hot

just the TV though I take.....?

This deal is currently £999 at the Reading branch of Sony Centre


this was £699 last month!

That was the V series not the W.

Brilliant TV, and fantastic Blu-ray player, also the BD player is upgradable to Profile 2.0 in October.

Original Poster

I can confirm that this deal is offered by Sonex communications as listed above.

TV is amazing and a massive step up from my old Toshiba 36".

this is not available at sonex, it is £999!!! as it was last month but no ps3 in the deal now, I know cus i work for them and always post their deals on here

i got the deal last month v series and free blueray player and 5 yr warranty,i got it price matched at john lewis glasgow,also debenhams in glasgow were doing same deal last month.don't know if thats a sonnex franchise or not.

Original Poster

I'll post you a copy of my receipt Portchy if it helps - unless it has changed since Saturday the deal was as offered. Perhaps you should leave the post room more often........

Just spoke to the Sony Centre in Brent Cross - they've got this deal going on too. Currently don't have any in stock, but if you go in and pay they'll get more in next week.

I think I'm about to give the bank account a hammering.

Bought this yesterday at the Cheshire Oaks branch. The tv's are not in stock till approximately 19th October but provided you pay before the 30th September, you can have it. I calculated total cost to be £1235 worth of goods for £899. In addition, they sold me a stand and 2 x high quality HDMI leads for half price also.


2 x high quality HDMI leads for half price also.

They're able to do that because they make a huge mark-up on these overpriced, "high-quality" cables. Even at half price they probably still made a large profit. They're not better than the £3/4 ones on Ebuyer.

Went and got the TV, Blu Ray and 5yr guarantee at Brent Cross yesterday, although sadly TV not in stock til Thursday. The deal expires tomorrow. A nice little bonus is that you get Casino Royale & Batman Begins on Blu Ray too when you register the player. Nice.
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