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Posted 26 January 2023

Sony Bravia XR55A75KU A75K 4K OLED Google 2022 TV (HDMI 2.1 / 120Hz) - 5 Year Warranty - £964.99 Delivered (Membership Required) @ Costco

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:


- 4K UHD with HDR 10, HLG & Dolby Vision
- 4 x10W, Dolby Atmos, DTS
- Cognitive Processor XR
- 5 Year Warranty Included



Beautiful OLED pictures. Immersive sound. This is the Sony BRAVIA XR OLED XR-55A75K.

With exceptional colour, pure blacks for real-life depth and texture, and superior viewing angles, Sony OLED is simply stunning.


Every detail is enhanced on this 4K TV – even 2K and HD content is upscaled closer to 4K quality.

XR Triluminos Pro

The colours are truly spectacular, thanks to our widest ever colour palette with XR Triluminos Pro™.

Acoustic Surface Audio+

For full sensory immersion, the screen is the speaker. Acoustic Surface Audio+™ combines three actuators, as well as twin subwoofers, for truly immersive audio that matches exactly what's on screen.

3D Surround Upscaling

All your movies, TV shows, games, and music, will be upscaled and given the surround sound treatment - without the need for additional speakers!

Metal Flush Surface

The TV features our beautiful Metal Flush Surface design, thoughtfully designed to draw your focus to what’s important – the picture.

Auto Low Laceny Mode

Perfect for PlayStation®5 and other consoles, gamers are primed for the win on this 55-inch TV. Ultra-responsive, smooth gameplay is made possible with our specialist technologies, including Auto Low Latency Mode in HDMI 2.1 and a Variable Refresh Rate (VRR).

Auto HDR Tone Mapping

You’ll be able to see the crucial details in the darkest and brightest parts of the screen, thanks to our Auto HDR Tone Mapping, which is automatically optimised during PS5™ set-up.

Auto Genre Picture Mode

You won’t need to worry about adjusting your settings as you switch between different types of entertainment either - Auto Genre Picture Mode does all the hard work for you!

Hands-free Voice Search

Command your TV with your voice! Find new entertainment, control your other smart home devices, and more, with Voice Search!

Google TV

Access 700,000+ movies and TV episodes – organised to suit your interests – on this Google TV.

Bravia Core

Our exclusive streaming service, BRAVIA CORE, is included on the XR-55A75K, with hundreds of movies waiting for you.


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  1. PurpleRain21's avatar
    Nice price for LG EX(same as C2 panel)..could someone tell me what is the price of Sony 55inch a80K@Costco? (edited)
    emJayO's avatar
    Costco don’t stock the 55” A80K
  2. 325i's avatar
    How does this compare to the S95b?
    BillRawls's avatar
    the tech behind the screen of the S95B is better but the jury is still out on Samsung's ability to get the best out of it. It should have better/brighter colours but the Sony has better image processing and motion - that's not to say the Sony's colour palette is bad by any stretch. There's no contest between the OS, Sony Android over Tizen without a moments hesitation. Samsung has 4 * 2.1 HDMI ports, Sony only has 2. Samsung has no Dolby Vision although I don't rate that as a factor as the standard HDR10 is more than enough for most - I don't have DV enabled on my Sony as it increases input lag in games.

    So to answer your question. . . .eh, flip a coin
  3. Kay_Dot's avatar
    Is this good for Ps5 and 4kUHD movies or am I better off waiting for S95B or C2?
    mozbud's avatar
    The reviews that I've seen all seem to say that the C2 is better for gaming. I'm thinking of getting the C2 (not for gaming) the thing that's putting me off is it seems to have a very glossy screen, so worried about distracting reflections (edited)
  4. bluesuns2's avatar
    Do Costco cover screen burn in their warranty?
    gg1pl's avatar
    Officially only John Lewis do with the £140 extended warranty

    Not heard of anyone claiming screen burn damage at Costco so it could be a maybe, especially with Costco's excellent customer service
  5. James_Harking's avatar
    Good find, thanks OP (edited)
  6. manjbains's avatar
  7. brad_nailer's avatar
    Wish Sony would let me have this as a warranty replacement instead of the XR55X94K.... I had the KD55XH9505 which is a level above but are fobbing me off
  8. MRP's avatar
    Very nice.
  9. hotsir's avatar
    Sony TV 😋
  10. ihotuk's avatar
    Where can I find the 65" version of this, as Costco don't stock them I suppose.
  11. hotsir's avatar
    Do you need to have a Costco account? Any exceptions? Thanks
    AJ10's avatar
    £15 online only membership which is open to everyone that lasts for a year.

    Or warehouse membership £30 something that has some requirements that can be used both in store or online.
  12. yelsnat's avatar
    My dyslexic brain read it as 694.99 and I nearly fell off my chair. Still a decent price.
  13. CosmicWarpRider's avatar
    Anywhere I can get details of the feet spacing on this model? Trying to figure out if it’ll sit in my current TV stand.
  14. P1121's avatar
    Been watching TV's a while myself and going around in circles. Keep seeing good deals on Samsung QLED, most recently QN95B but when read owners threads seems to be more than a few QC issues, like the look of OLED pictures in local Currys store but a lot of the OLEDs seem to have warped or wavy looking screens from side on, at least in the store I looked in, and often with OLED I see noticeable distortion in reflections of light on vertical sections at the edge, as if the panel not totally flat. The S95B in this store is bent, the G2 has a distortion looking band right down the one side, the C2 seems to have noticeable vertical banding, the qn90b looks very grainy picture as does qn95b, the qn95b also has the back panel coming away from the TV in one corner. Given my usage is not gaming but more watching football, films and general TV through Virgin Media cable box (in a bright room), I thought a Sony like this one might be best fit as Sony are widely touted as best for both motion and upscaling, but the similar A80J I seen in store the screen looks quite dim on max brightness I felt, and the screen also looks very wavy and uneven from an angle. It seems QC in general on TV's isn't what it was years ago?

  15. JohnMchughe's avatar
    i have a 65 in oled version of this new in box anyone interested.
    majidt769's avatar
    Price please
  16. JubilantPigeon's avatar
    Now appears to be £1,034.98 so I assume the deal has expired.
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