Sony Cybershot DSC-T100 8 Mpixel Camera 5x optical zoom only £206.44 Delivered.
Sony Cybershot DSC-T100 8 Mpixel Camera 5x optical zoom only £206.44 Delivered.

Sony Cybershot DSC-T100 8 Mpixel Camera 5x optical zoom only £206.44 Delivered.

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Sony Cyber-shot T100 Silver 8.1mp 5x optical zoom

Use Googlecheckout to get £10.00 off (go through quidco as well for all of 21p back!)

Brings this down to £215.43 using supersaver delivery.

This is the cheapest I can find this brilliant small camera.

Now down to £206.44
- v2drinkers



Its hardly a bargain even at that price, this site isn't just about finding the cheapest price for something.

No its about finding the cheapest price for obsolete technology and old dvds and even VHS. Its a good price for a recent camera especially with a 5xzoom on a slimline unit voted hot.

I think this is the camera I want! I think I bought my missus the T50 and then saw this! It's a bit cheeky of me to keep asking to borrow the camera, especially when I use it to take close up photos of other women - and when I say this I mean at gigs!

Voted hot anyway!

I would prefer it in black, but for the price, I don't think you can go wrong!

5x optical zoom is impressive, admittedly. I don't know how they manage to get a zoom that size in such a compact form without compromising on quality greatly. 8MP means nothing in reality, unless you're going for A4+ size prints. Most people don't even set their cameras to the highest quality settings either, which defeats the purpose. I'm just having a rant because I hate to see people buy based on specs alone. The actual quality of the CCD and lens is far more detrimental towards the final picture quality than the MP count. Even some good DSLRs costing twice as much don't have any more than 8MP.

Anyways, I don't think £215 is particularly great for a compact these days. Even a good one like this. Just a general market trend, nothing to do with this particular camera/retailer/deal. I'd never spend over £150 on a point and shoot for what they are. You're spending an extra £80+ for a slight increase in performance/style/portability in most cases.

Saving up for a DSLR myself, but not to everyone's tastes/needs as they're bulky and more complicated.

Voted warm.

Rather than base a purchase on specs alone, read a review like ]like this first.

It basically backs up what I said. Good picture quality (score of 9) but you're paying over the odds for it (value score of 7).

]Here's something with similar picture quality but better value as the price is much less (if you shop around even less). You're just sacrificing on size (the Fuji is only 14g heavier) and a little on the zoom.

Even better that Sony or other Fuji that was posted recently.

AS good as this is, is it £114 better than the W70 posted by Millarcat? Cant say I think it is... good deal tho if you want the extra zoom

I was just wondering, would you not pay abit extra and get this camera instead:



Cant argue with that russ

It was the W70 I had in mind (when I said the Sony recently listed). I have a Sony DSC-W1 myself and recommended the Sony W70 to my sister, I just couldn't remember the model number. I got use of my Sister's W70 for around 300-400 pictures while we were on holiday. It's very light and fits in her handbag. Hardly like carrying around a kitchen sink...

The Fuji was just purely used as an example as I made quite clear. I wasn't going to sit and read a full review when I'm not in the market for a new compact, really. Just a point that people should read reviews and ignore these specs everyone is fixated on these days. it just makes manufacturers of consumer cameras like these push out the highest possible specs without regard to, or even sacrificing, other aspects.

Although the Fujis are good, and possibly better as compacts, they just arent as sexy, it has to be said

Is the T series a lot slimmer than the W? My friend had a T and it was tiny.
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