Sony DAV-DZ260 - 5.1 ch - DVD Home Cinema System - Black £117.99 @ Amazon

Sony DAV-DZ260 - 5.1 ch - DVD Home Cinema System - Black £117.99 @ Amazon

Found 30th Dec 2009
Been after something like this for ages, £15 cheaper than at Currys, where it is heavily reduced too. No Divx support but streaming from the xbox 360 with it connected should be fine.

Product Description
Manufacturer's Description
Cutting edge 5.1 channel BRAVIA DVD home theatre system packed with Sony's latest audio technologies. With a variety of input options you can play back digital movies from your laptop, and a USB input lets you play music directly from your mp3 player or USB stick

Box Contents
# BRAVIA DVD home theatre system
# Instructions

* 850 W from central speaker, 4 satellite units and 14 0W subwoofer
* Dolby Digital Prologic II / DTS Decoding
* 24-bit S-Master digital amplifier
* 1080p signal via HDMI cable
* optical and coaxial digital inputs
* Dialogue Enhancer
* Portable Audio Enhancer function
* FM / AM radio tuner with RDS and 30 station presets
* Movie / music mode
* Multiple format and codec support - DVD / CD / Video CD / SACD / mp3 / JPEG playback capability


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have just realised there's no optical out on my Humax 9150, would i still be able to connect it to this and get 5.1? or should i cancel it?

already been posted…ine

i think you can only get 5.1 from the optical inputs as there is no left/right phono, but there is a 3.5mm input jack on the front so you can connect your tv recorder to it and the system will upmix it to 5.1

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Sorry, didn't realise was already posted, obviously a good deal though!!

I think you can also use the SCART on this to configure an input.Read the buyers comments on Amazon for more info. Great system and easy to set up with the Mic.

Nearly went for this as a present for my niece but it can't be hacked for multi-region. If you don't need multi-region then well worth considering.

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It can be hacked, you need a service remote, or on avforum (i think) there was something about using a PSP to do it.

I've cancelled mine as i won't be able to get 5.1 out of my PVR, which is what i mainly watch, will put the money saved towards a new TV instead!!
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