Sony DAV-F200 £178.00 @ Pixmania

Sony DAV-F200 £178.00 @ Pixmania

Found 3rd May 2010
Sony 2.1 Surround Sound
I bought this from comet a year ago and its really good - That was for £230 reduced from £330
It isnt multi region though and requires a special remote control to unlock it.
Plays divx through data dvd not usb.


Most of us aren't as clued up as yourself and would prefer a bit more detail as to what you're on about in title. 2.1 surround sound means a set of speakers to me.:thumbsup:

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well do what i did and research the product:whistling:

Hey; i have this. I bought it for a £150 off eBay. What you might not see form the pic is that the sub is very big, and very powerful. I have wooden floors and had to turn this reight down. Well worth the money and a lot less clutter than having a 5.1 system. One thing to note is although you will get great stereo sound out of this, you will never get surround sound.
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