Sony DAV-IS50 - 5.1 ch - Home Cinema System with Rear Wireless Speakers at Amazon £369 Delivered!

Sony DAV-IS50 - 5.1 ch - Home Cinema System with Rear Wireless Speakers at Amazon £369 Delivered!

Found 30th Jan 2009
Sony DAV-IS50 - 5.1 ch - Home Cinema System with Rear Wireless Speakers at Amazon £369 Delivered!

Technical Details

* Rear wireless speakers using S-AIR technology
* BRAVIA Theatre Sync via HDMI
* Single disc DVD/CD w/upscaling to 1080i via HDMI
* 450W (RMS) (50W x 5
* Subwfr: 100W x 2, * Digital Cinema Auto Calibration

Box Contents
Main unit
RM-ADP018 Remote
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Manufacturer's Description
Sony DAV-IS50
BRAVIA Theatre Sync
Bravia Theatre Sync is a new way of controlling Home Theatre setups. Using HDMI connections and one remote control, signals can be sent between the various units that make up the system. BRAVIA Theatre Sync is designed to cut out any complexity so you can concentrate on enjoying the movie. Just press play on the DAV-IS50 remote and your BRAVIA TV also powers on, changes input and switches sound to home cinema.

Golf Ball Speakers
Deceptively big sound from speakers the size of a golf ball. Less is truly more at 4.3 x 5.6 x 3.9cm. These ultra compact satellite speakers are so small, you can put them anywhere and are designed to be virtually invisible. Small on space, big on sound. With 550W of total output power, these speakers fill even large rooms with breathtaking sound.

Digital Cinema Auto Calibration sets optimum surround parameters in just 30 seconds
DCAC (Digital Cinema Auto Calibration) An intelligent Sony technology that offers simple and accurate automatic set-up of your home cinema system. No matter what the size or shape of your room, DCAC eliminates the guesswork when you position your speakers. The result is optimum surround sound performance for both movies and music. This user-friendly feature uses a microphone to accurately measure speaker distance, volume and frequency etc. It can also automatically compensate for the acoustic character of your room if so desired.

HDMI Video Upscaling to High Definition

Built-in upscaler generates a 720p or 1080i signal via HDMI cable for superb picture quality on your high-def TV. HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. Similar to DVI (but using much smaller connectors), the multi-pin HDMI interface transfers uncompressed digital video with copy protection and multichannel audio. Using an adapter, HDMI is backward-compatible with most current DVI connections.
S-Master (S-Master Digital Amplifier). Developed to achieve the best results from high-quality digital audio sources such as Super Audio CD and DVD sources, S-Master (Full Digital Amplifier) technology transmits audio to your speakers in one simple, yet highly sophisticated digital process. S-Master technology offers a highly efficient power delivery with accurate imaging high resolution and stable performance.

Stream music directly from Bluetooth, network WALKMAN®, WiFi or iPod® using optional Sony DIGITAL MEDIA PORTs. Our optional Digital Media Port's (DMPORT) provide the connectivity you need to set your digital music free. Just connect your digital music player, laptop or mobile phone to your Sony home cinema system, and enjoy your music library in HiFi quality sound.

DMPORT On Screen Navigation

Connect your iPod with included Digital Media Port and navigate your content on screen while controlling your iPod with the systems remote.
Portable Audio Enhancer
Music converted to MP3 loses quality. Portable Audio Enhancer compensates for this by boosting the audio frequencies to bring the sound back closer to the original source levels, ensuring better quality with Network WALKMAN® devices and any other portable audio player.

Easy Set Up and Use
The DAV-IS50 takes convenience to new levels with colour coded terminals for each speaker cable helping to complete set-up in minutes.
Other Features Include: [LIST]
[*] Touch-sensitive controls light up when in use, then fade down to maintain clean lines
[*] Slim line gloss black control unit that plays DVD's and CD's. Also compatible with Video CD, DivX, MP3 and JPEG
[*] Dolby Digital/Pro-Logic II and DTS decoding
[*] 30-preset RDS FM/AM radio tuner[/LIST]

Box Contents
Main unit
RM-ADP018 Remote
yep . . . . . these are around £400/£500 delivered . . . . nice kit
Recently bought this for a little more than this but not really impressed with it. Hubby loves it - gadgets an all - but wireless isn't really as you still have wires from the 2nd base to the small speakers, just the 2nd base is wireless from the main unit. Touch screen panel on the unit is a pain, on the top so too easy to stop/start etc... especially with little hands around our house (2yr old). Sound is ok so good deal for the price. Don't pay any more than this though.
I think Comet were selling these for around £299 recently. I've got the DAV-IS10 which is basically the same but without the wireless speakers. Got it from Comet also (posted here last August) and it's pretty good considering the size of the speakers.

Only one optical post on mine which is used by Sky HD, so if you want to add more devices like BluRay, PS3 etc an optical switching box is needed. I bought one recently and 6mm x 1m cables for about £14 online.
i wouldnt bother with this... get yourself a decent 5.1 amp and some speakers of your own choosing... much better sound ... easy to upgrade and more inputs...
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