Sony DR-BT30QB Bluetooth Headphones - £17.99
Just browsing through Play.com for a bargain or two and came across these headphones. They look a little strange, but certainly are a lot cheaper than the RRP of 99.99!


Bluetooth (A2DP) Headphone Stereo
In Built Microphone
Remote Functions (AVRCP)
Volume Control
Clip Type Headphone (30mm)
Can receive calls while listening to music
Battery Life 11h


I have these. Found them for the same price in Amazon a month ago but then went up on price. Good to find them at this good price again. These things sound very very good.

Not for Running but I use them on my bike no probs. As they are not in-ear ones you can still hear the traffic

Yeah, these are great. There's a button that winds away the connecting wire, so folded up in your pocket there's nothing to get tangled.

I got these a few weeks back. They are very good but you will look like your wearing a pair of Pat Butchers earrings with a fetching mother of pearl finish. They also have a little blue light that blinks every few seconds. This is to ensure that as many people as is humanly possible notice what a berk you look. If you are tempted I would invest in a hat to go with it.

Good for on a bike....

I got 2 pairs of these for friends but had to send them back. They were so heavy and fitted really loosly.

Pat Butcher wouldn't be seen dead in these!

Yes, I also tried a pair of these and gave up on them. Sound quality is great, but would never where them outdoors.

I use these also for £17.99 on play.com, much more discreet, but you lose the ability to control anything but volume remotely.

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