Sony E Reader PRS-505 £159.99 @

Sony E Reader PRS-505 £159.99 @

Found 5th Oct 2009
This Sony E-Reader has now been reduced to £159.99 on Not as good as previous deals that are now expired but the best I can find online at the minute.

This deal now doesn't include the Tri-Fold Cover but still a great price for this reader.

Quidco too should get 0.5% back also, not much but better than nothing.


Bought one of these a few weeks back from Waterstones for £180. Excellent little device. I was waiting for the new models to come out, but the PRS 300 and 600 are not up to much in my view. The 600 has the same touchscreen as the discontinued 700, and apparently this reflects a lot of light making it difficult to read under direct lighting, and the contrast ratio is poor, so blacks only appear to be dark grey.

The PRS 300 may be better as it isn't a touchscreen, but it is smaller than the 505 and doesn't have any memory card expansion available.

Good deal this, H&R added.

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To all cold voters, could someone please explain why? I'm looking to buy one of these and will be delighted to hear where it is cheaper?

The buzz on the horizon is Elonex (I think) are aroung Xmas doing a $100 reader that should be over here not long after.

This was £149.99 a little while ago with Free leather case worth £19.99

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This was £149.99 a little while ago with Free leather case worth £19.99

Yeah, over a month ago.. and I did write about the case in the OP.

There's no buzz because they're shifting old stock, the PRS300 and 600 have recently been released. I would assume the 505 is out of production now, I really do want to buy one, but would rather stay away from this unit due to it's age.…der Wikipedia certainly shows it as discontinued.

I presume VAT is added on this price when the product is delivered to the UK mainland though?
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