Sony E-Reader PRS-505 Digital Reader Book NOW £179.99 plus free accessory (Charger or Cover) @ Play save upto £29.99
Sony E-Reader PRS-505 Digital Reader Book NOW £179.99 plus free accessory (Charger or Cover) @ Play save upto £29.99

Sony E-Reader PRS-505 Digital Reader Book NOW £179.99 plus free accessory (Charger or Cover) @ Play save upto £29.99

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I've editted my post, was £199.99 NOW £179.99

Key Features:
Holds around 160 electronic books - expandable to more than 13,000 with a memory card
Easy-to-read, 6" eInk screen gives the feeling of reading a paper page
Smaller than a typical paperback - just 8mm thick
Intuitive controls and simple menu
You can add bookmarks, scroll smoothly down the page, read page-by-page or "fast forward" through the book
7000 page turns from a single battery charge
Dimensions (Approx.): 6.9" x 4.8" x 0.3".6 (175 x 122 x 8mm)
Screen Size: Approx. 6" measured diagonally
Weight (Approx.): 9oz. without soft cover
Resolution: Approx. 170 pixels per inch
Grey Scale: 8-level grey scale
Unsecured Text: BBeB Book, TXT, RTF, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (Conversion to the Reader requires Word installed on your PC)
DRM Text: BBeB Book (Marlin)
Unsecured audio: Use with headphones to listen to music while you read (mp3 or AAC files).
Images: Reader can also display most common image and photo file types. NB images are black and white, not colour
Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Battery Life (Approx.): Up to 6,800 page turns
Recharging Time: Approx. 4 hours with USB charging from powered computer or approx. 2 hours when using optional AC wall charger
AC Power: Optional AC charger requires 120 Volts 60Hz
Capacity: MemoryStick DUO and SD Card slots allow you to optionally increase capacity up to around 13000 titles

Comments ive found which may influence:
- Many positives mainly suited for the ardent reader, not so much for the casual
- File format must be BBeB which may be tedious for some
- Not a huge collection of books available. Notably some ebooks online cost the same as their hardback counterpart, why? O ye, money.
- Mains charger not included, PSP charger works though :cool:
- Offer is for a free accessory, either a charger worth £15.99 or a cover worth £29.99
- Not so good for low light conditions, again money sponging Sony offer a cover with built in light for £45ish, what!
- Most probably cheapest you'll find

Hoping to use mine for university lecture notes when it arrives, i chose the cover. £200 for this was a bit much so really hoping it pays off. Any users who can share their experiances?


I have one, bought mine for a similar reason, as a research student I have loads of PDFs to read and thought this might be handy, in reality it is a bit of a pain to read them as many are formatted for magazine display. I would recommend you check out Fictionwise and Books on board for the eBooks. They are both US sites but we have had no problems using them. I would also recommend the Mobile read forums for hints and tips on converting different ebook formats to suit your device.

I really love my eBook Reader for reading books, it is very comfortable and natural however I am finding it is often cheaper to buy the paperback in a supermarket than in ebook which is annoying. My husband also has one and uses his a lot more than me because Sci-Fi titles are much easier and cheaper to come by.

I soooo want one of these (actually the PRS-700) but these are still half too expensive. They are bound to get cheaper... so must wait.

Voted hot on the current price...

I could buy a lot of real books for that much money

Bought one of these when they first came out and they are a great peice of kit. There are thousand of books available and the battery lasts weeks. Great reader if you travel a lot. You can hold a lot more than 160 books on the internal memory, at the moment I have just under 400 on mine. It comes with a MP3 player as well but that will really eat your batteries.

It's only about £180 at Costco (inc VAT). Cold from me.

I want one but cannot justify spending this kind of money - will wait until they get cheaper. Anyone know if they are any good when on a sunny beach - are you still able to view the screen?

They work great in bright sunshine - if anything the brighter the light the better.

The only gotcha is that you can suffer a bit from screen glare in bright conditions, so you need to make sure the sun isn't bouncing directly off the screen (or reflected off something you're wearing)!

Also you might want to keep it in a ziplock back to protect the buttons from sand, suntan lotion and salt.

And you'd need to make sure it doesn't get nicked when you go for a dip!

Actually you'd probably be better off with a few secondhand paper-backs!


For those who own one, I can highly recommend calibre!


If for nothing else the RSS feed muncher allows me to download my favourite newspapers first thing in the morning and read the latest editions on the train without spending an extra penny! With the added advantage that the girl opposite you won't suspect you are really reading a hate filled, bigoted, right wing tabloid rag!

For those considering purchasing it's a good device, but far from perfect.

My biggest gripe apart from the mediocre PDF rendition is the processor speed. Sometimes you press a button to open a large ePub file and aren't totally sure if it's pressed, having to wait anything up to a minute (literally) for something to happen on screen.

Once it's in a document, apart from the odd stutter page turn speed is fine, and I don't even notice the flip to black and back screen refresh anymore.


Has been this price for ages, which is a shame as I'd really like one.

i wanted one of these but couldn't bear to pay that much for it so just downloaded stanza app on my iphone instead and it's just as good. plus takes loads of different formats including the common pdf, txt, doc etc.

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It's only about £180 at Costco (inc VAT). Cold from me.

Could you give the link, i think this is not true as cant find it.



It's only about £180 at Costco (inc VAT). Cold from me.

and is costco available to us all? NO! :whistling:

still, i wouldnt pay more than £50 for something like this (it will be this price in a couple of years I reckon)


and is costco available to us all? NO! :whistling:still, i wouldnt pay … and is costco available to us all? NO! :whistling:still, i wouldnt pay more than £50 for something like this (it will be this price in a couple of years I reckon)

Agreed on both counts - although its clearly a great bit of kit!

Hot on current price, as best price available to ALL.

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Well, just great in it!!! My E-book reader arrives today and as it did I thought Id check the item description again to make sure I got everything, guess what - they reduced the price to £179.99! I read things like this happening to other people on the internet but its never happened to me, lol, not fussed though, good thing they didnt reduce any more might've had a heartattack.

I note to add they give you a very nice leather case with it, which they dont mention in their description making you think you'll use the free accessory offer to get a case, then when it comes you end up with two. Anyway once im bothered to use it as have exams to revise so dont have time to waste on it, ill try to give feedback.
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