Sony eReader PRS-505 £188 @ costco

Sony eReader PRS-505 £188 @ costco

Found 26th Feb 2009
Was in Costco earlier (Chester store) and saw they had the Sony 505, not sure about other costco stores, but this price is very good currently.


Pretty good price though note it doesn't come with the leather case which is another £20 or so

When I bought mine from Waterstones it came with the cover (brown) in the box.

Yes, mine had teh brown leather case too. But I'm not using mine much might flog it on eBay. Problems is, new ebooks basically cost the same as the paper/hardback version! (I know there are free books available, but basically you should buy for convenience of carrying several books on one device, rather than economy)

I am also struggling to get much use from mine, not because it isn't a fantastic piece of equipment because it is. The ebooks are just so much more expensive to buy, I saw a new hardbook in Waterstones last week i fancied but being by an American author i hoped i could get it for a decent price on ebook from fictionwise. When i checked it would have been more exensive to buy th ebook then to get the hardback which just doesn't feel right to me.

It is working out that I am using it for about a 10th of my reading. It is however quie handy for viewing my PDFs for my research on.
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