Sony Eric. W880i Black Clearance £110.00 with top-up - £5 Quidco
Sony Eric. W880i Black Clearance £110.00 with top-up - £5 Quidco

Sony Eric. W880i Black Clearance £110.00 with top-up - £5 Quidco

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The Sony Ericsson W880i mobile phone combines ultra-slim design with a stylish stainless steel casing. It would be an impressive piece of design if it were just a music player - but, with 3G technology included, it's truly outstanding.

New 'Walkman' software makes it simple to control and enjoy your favourite tunes, while 10MB of built-in memory plus a 1GB memory card give you storage for hundreds of songs. And if you hear a melody you don't know, the phone's music recognition program will help you track it down.

In addition, the W880i has a wide range of internet options. There's web access, an RSS reader, email and photo blogging. When you're not uploading your pictures to the internet, you can use the 2 megapixel camera for photos and video recording and you can also make face-to-face 3G video calls.

Pick up the Sony Ericsson W880i and you'll be surprised at how incredibly light it is. It's packed with innovative features and is versatile as well, with Bluetooth and USB connectivity to transfer your information. But this phone really only has one thing on its mind: music. If you're looking for an ultra-slim Walkman, Sony Ericsson's W880i is ready to slip into your pocket.



[SIZE=2]The worst SE I've ever owned.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=2]The worst SE I've ever owned.[/SIZE]

i like it:|

ordered Will report back about sim lock when delivered


[SIZE=2]The worst SE I've ever owned.[/SIZE]

Why is that? Whats wrong with it?

Me tempted but didn't like the CPW blurb ..........

By using reconditioned or clearance stock, we are able to offer you even greater savings.
These mobile phones are either ex-demonstration, trial or mail order returned. For your peace of mind, each and every handset has been quality inspected by our engineers & reconditioned if necessary. Each handset also comes with a full years manufacturers warranty.
Please note that reconditioned products are repackaged once tested and do not come in the original box. We can ONLY guarantee that the handset, battery, manual and charger will be included.


If no memory card arrives then the deal is merely warm! :oops:

I work for CPW, wouldn't have a 'clearance' handset EVER.:whistling:

Just finally got my refund from e2save (CPW's Only Fools and Horses 2nd identity). They waited until the final day they could legally withold my refund to send me it in cheque form (just to **** me off a bit more). Refund was for the last 'clearance' handset they sent me faulty - they then tried to get out of the refund by mis-quoting sales legislation (amongst other things). If you have a problem with your purchase then brace yourself for these people to try everything to wriggle out of it.

The phone wasn't the W880i but I've had one on upgrade previously and I sold it withing hours of receiving it. I tend to stick exclusively to SE and I agree it's awful. The screen is dull, the camera is 2mp but without the all important auto-focus so the pics are **** frankly - not een up to K750i standard, finally the buttons are horrible to use.


[SIZE=2]The worst SE I've ever owned.[/SIZE]

Not only is it the best SE but the phone in general that I have ever owned. It is just perfect in every way, even the keypad and the buttons.

And the screen! I have never seen such a good and LCD screen. Over 200 ppi it is.

Only the camera sucks big time, otherwise it would be perfect...

I have to say that I love my W880i.

Small and light for when carrying it in your pocket, yet decent phone, easy menus, all the normal functions and a decent music player. Only moan is the camera is at best reasonable in good light but poor indoors or in low light.


why's that then?

Because I have seen some of the sorry states they have sent out to customers. Its total pot luck, you can end up with a phone thats totally as new, or could end up with tat.

The camera is ****, but everything else is chuffin' perfect.

Great phone at a great price.


[SIZE=2]The worst SE I've ever owned.[/SIZE]

i agree m8,never had a sony before so i thought i'd give it a go when they first came out,i hate the phone tbh.Saying that sonys had the phone for the last 2 weeks,slightest knock and the phone would turn off,one day i had 27 missed calls.If all sonys are like this then i won't be getting another sony ever again

I loved this phone at first but now its the bain of my life!
In the 9months ive had it, im not on my 3rd replacement and i cant wait till my contract is up so i can change phones!!
Ive had no end of trouble. Wouldnt have this phone if someone PAID me to have it!

I didn't like this phone either,i had a W810i before this one,it runs rings around this model,also the Camera is d*****t !!! there is no Flash!!! Ive got the K800 at the moment it goes for about 80quid,in my opinion much better.

The k 800i or 810i are better phones and can be purchased for less as mentioned by pistolpete. It just doesn't have the fancy walkman branding, but it does have a 3.2 mp camera !

Thx for the opinions guys ill stay away from this deal i guess.
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