Sony Ericcson W200I + Set Top Box + (£5.00 Voucher?) - £49.99 @ Argos

Sony Ericcson W200I + Set Top Box + (£5.00 Voucher?) - £49.99 @ Argos

Found 25th Oct 2007
possibly offline online....

Buy Vodafone Sony Ericsson W200I - 49.99

and get a set top box free (518/0530), plus spend another 1p to qualify for a free £5 gift card.

Advertised in todays press, but i cannot find any further info on the set top box!

sorry i meant possibly offline only - its too early hehe

see todays sun page 67 for full offer

also half price LG Dolphin - £24.99
- jonbinns


Catalogue number 518/0530 cannot be found, so I can't confirm this offer. Are you sure the number is correct?

I can confirm this offer is legit, Saw it in the crimbo catalogue last night.

I reckon that it must be an instore option then. I'll go check it out at lunchtime today and post back.


p.s. Do you have any info on the STB? Is it a Sony one?

The freeview box is not online only instore price subject to availbilty so you might not get one:whistling:

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yeah sure the number is correct as to whats in the advert but i cant find it either tho!

maybe a misprint on Argos' behalf, but it's a genuine offer

Just checked out the offer. The STB is a digilogic one. Basic box, but not bad for free.

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ok may be online…htm

follow that link and scroll down, it clearly says in red free set top box with this phone, but no other details!

What can one get under 50p ? Found a pair of earring for 76p in the clearance section.

Remember - buy £50 of vouchers - get £5 voucher

Buy offer and something with your vouchers - get another £5 voucher

Can anyone confirm they have gotten this?

Scan of the offer would be great

Was there a deadline/expiry date on the offer? Any conditions?

What model STB was advertised?

This offers now £39-99

anyone know what the vouchers can be used on? as in is there a minimum amount that has to be purchased??
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