Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headset £39.00 Inc Delivery @ Handtec
Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headset £39.00 Inc Delivery @ Handtec

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headset £39.00 Inc Delivery @ Handtec

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Previously posted the deal from play.com however they keep pushing back the release date and being real so and so's about it...

Found the product cheaper here and stock is comming in this week...

Best quality audio performance
Microphone and call answer key
Multipoint Bluetooth and A2DP for wireless music streaming
Compatible with Sony Ericsson handsets and other bluetooth-enabled handsets
3.5mm jack to swap headphones
Up to 8.5 hours stream time
Up to 500 hours standby
Up to 11 hours talk time

Compatible with a range or bluetooth devices NOT just Sony Ericsson/Sony Products

Next cheapest is at mobilefun.co.uk/son…htm
who are selling for £39.95 exc Delivery (however they currently have some stock) According to mobilefun the product is a big hit with over 120 pre-orders?? thought it might be worth reposting...

Review Found here pocket-lint.com/rev…iew


I bought a bluetooth headset for my HD2 to use with tomtom, it didnt work!

Do you guys think this will work with it on my mobile?

Price quoted by OP does not appear to include postage.

Using their cheapest delivery option takes the delivered price to £39.00 (unless I have missed a free delivery option?).

Original Poster


I bought a bluetooth headset for my HD2 to use with tomtom, it didnt … I bought a bluetooth headset for my HD2 to use with tomtom, it didnt work!Do you guys think this will work with it on my mobile?

According To a few of the websites it says its compatible with HD2, as for the tomtom, im not too sure would be great if it did, but there is a huge selection of phones it does work for...

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This is a very good headset for music as long as you can put up with annoying touch volume control and small length headphones.

Best thing is you can use any 3.5 mm headphones rather than using SE's supplied ones. Despite few annoyances, I highly recommed if you are looking for a decent bluetooth headset that you can use to listen to music as well.

I use this with a Nokia E71 and an Android phone (HTC Desire) without any problem. Bought for a similar price on [url]www.mobilefun.co.uk[/url] in March.
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