Sony Ericsson C902 and Unlimited texts! Free phone with 7 months line rental @ £1.99 p/m on o2 (600 mins & UNLIMITED texts) + £60 QuidCo

Sony Ericsson C902 and Unlimited texts! Free phone with 7 months line rental @ £1.99 p/m on o2 (600 mins & UNLIMITED texts) + £60 QuidCo

Found 15th Aug 2008
Dial-A-Phone have the much-praised Sony Ericsson C902 (in Black) for free on an o2 contract with 7 months line rental charged at £1.99 per month on an 18 month contract (and £35 per month thereafter), saving you £231.07 over the 18 month period. So, for £398.93 (after cashback) you get the Sony Ericsson C902 (for free), 18 months line rental (after which you may cancel the contract), 600 any time, any network minutes and unlimited text messages per month. This works out at just £22.16 per month after cashback - a huge reduction on the £35 per month that this more than adequate tariff is usually priced at. Purchase via QuidCo for £60 in extra cashback, bringing the price down to £338.93 - that's £18.83 per month.

**This phone would cost in the region of £240 if purchased on pay as you go.**

The Sony Ericsson C902 Cyber-shot phone has sleek looks and a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, xenon flash and face detection. It's also a 3G phone with HSDPA mobile broadband. It has an FM radio, a very good music player and 160MB of onboard memory, The Sony Ericsson C902 lacks GPS and the outdoor durability of the similar C702, but it offers much better camera functions. It has a unique lens cover that slides open to reveal the 5.0 megapixel camera lens. The phones lighting dramatically signals when you are in camera mode by switching from white to blue and Sony Ericsson has placed shortcuts to the most helpful camera shortcuts around the screen of the phone. These touch sensitive icons quickly enable you to select the function you need, such as turning on the flash or switching to macro mode for close-up shots.

This offer works by cashback which you claim from Dial-A-Phone at specified intervals. You must have paid each bill in its entirety, so please only use this deal if you can afford to pay the bills on time and remember to keep on top of the cashback. Use recorded delivery when sending the claims, or better still - special delivery with consequential loss cover. Dial-A-Phone are a well-established firm (and have a good reputation to go with that). I've been using them for as long as I've had mobile phones.

**Remember to decline/cancel any insurance that they try to give you as it can be very expensive!!**

See the first comment for a link to my advice on how to succeed with a cashback contract and it'll be plain sailing for you!!


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[center][size=6]]The Sony Ericsson C902 (Black) @ Dial-A-Phone[/size]
[size=5]7 months £1.99 line rental & unlimited texts![/size]


[size=4]With a whopping £60 cashback when you purchase via and unlimited texts, this is a great deal if you're a high-usage customer who wants a good handset at a reasonable price![/size][/center]

[FONT=Arial][SIZE="3"]]Click here for my tips on how to succeed with a mobile phones cashback contract. Beat the retailers at their own game.

]Click here for information about (and contact details for) Dial-A-Phone.

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Fun watching the temperature oscillate between 10 and 0. :giggle:



Not a bad deal if your organised enough to follow the normal redemption rules (good footer info).

However , it's worth noting the o2 Simplicity sim only deal on offer at the moment, which offers at least 600 mins, 1000 txts and an additional bolt on, such as web browsing. No commitment required other than 30 days, and it's only £20 per month at the moment, making a mockery of anyone's claim of providing a free phone when all they are really doing is charging you a higher rate for your 'monthly allowance' when the true cost is so much lower and with no tie in.

cold cold cold
because cashback!
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