Sony Ericsson C902 - Pay as you go Orange £109 delivered&including£10 top up @ CPW
Sony Ericsson C902 - Pay as you go Orange £109 delivered&including£10 top up @ CPW

Sony Ericsson C902 - Pay as you go Orange £109 delivered&including£10 top up @ CPW

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The C902 is a Sony Ericsson Cyber-Shot camera phone with 5 Megapixel lens, autofocus, face detection and self-timer.
Slide the lens cover up to switch to camera mode and reveal 8 touch screen controls. Use face detection to centre a shot on your friends, set up the timer to get great group photos. Perfect pictures involve a little editing, so naturally the C902 comes with advanced options for adjusting levels and fixing photos. If you're artistic and want to add frames or effects then there's Storyteller , PhotoDJ and Facewarp .

The Sony Ericsson C902 records mp4 videos in QVGA resolution at 30fps. You can edit clips with VideoDJ , send them straight to your blog or merge videos with photos to create unique home movies.

This feature phone is all about sharing, therefore uploading images or videos to blogs is a breeze. There's a photo feed for viewing pictures posted online and Bluetooth 2.0 for swapping media between devices.

The C902 is a HSDPA mobile phone, and benefits from a fast, stable internet connection with speedy download times. There's plenty of motion games and new music available to download online at the Sony Ericsson Play Now Arena.

This advanced camera phone has a well-rounded approach to multimedia, and comes with an FM radio, video player and music player with TrackID music identification service. The preinstalled Need for Speed motion game is controlled by tilting your handset.

The Sony Ericsson C902 is compatible with M2 memory cards and comes with A2DP support for Bluetooth stereo headsets.

It's a versatile and user-friendly mobile phone for camera and multimedia fans.
Possible £5 Quidco.


Ive got his phone and it's brilliant. Good camera/photos. No problems with it at all.

this would be a stormer of a phone if the form factor was marginally smaller. I really liked this phone when I tried it but the only irk I found with it was its bulky size...which made me get rid of it otherwise it would have been a dam good long term phone.

C902 bulky? I think you are confusing this with the C905; the C902 is one of the smallest phones around.

To add to this, I just picked up one of these on Vodafone from CPW and it is unlocked. Would appear CPW are getting rid of their SIM free stock so no matter what network you get it on, you have a brand new, without network firmare, unlocked handset.

Will this phone be unlocked to use with a vodafone simcard?
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