Sony Ericsson C905 8GB, 8mpx cameraphone - now just £179.99 + £3.95 delivery on T-Mobile PAYG @ Bargain Crazy!!

Sony Ericsson C905 8GB, 8mpx cameraphone - now just £179.99 + £3.95 delivery on T-Mobile PAYG @ Bargain Crazy!!

Found 16th Sep 2009
Bargain Crazy have the 8GB Sony Ericsson C905 (refurb) in black for just £179.99 on T-Mobile pay as you go. This is a crazy price for this phone, with most other places selling it well in excess of £300. Delivery is a mere £3.95.


The 8 megapixel Sony Ericsson C905 Cyber-shot phone has been generating a lot of excitement. Now with an 8GB memory, the C905 the first slider phone in the Cyber-shot brand and is Sony Ericssons most advanced cameraphone to date. Build quality is first-rate and the C905 feels like a quality phone. Available in three colours from launch, choose from silver, bronze or matt black. The camera lens is covered by a silver strip on the back of the phone. Slide it open to activate the camera application. With 8 megapixels, xenon flash, image stabiliser, red-eye reduction and 30fps video capture, this is a serious camera. It can produce spectacular images with remarkable levels of clarity and detail.

The Sony Ericsson C905 is also brilliant for music and multimedia. It has a 2.4 inch screen, a fine music player, FM radio, stereo Bluetooth and also TV output for viewing your photos and videos on a big screen TV. With HSDPA and Wi-Fi, the C905 is also great for browsing the web. It has a GPS receiver with Google Maps and Way Finder sat nav applications. Theres also a secondary video call camera for face to face calls. The Sony Ericsson C905 is not only an excellent cameraphone, its a superb all-rounder.


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[center][size=6]]The Sony Ericsson C905 (8GB) @ Bargain Crazy[/size]
[size=4]Just £183.94 delivered on T-Mobile PAYG.[/size]


[size=4]With an 8-MEGAPIXEL camera![/size][/center]

Think this will get hot. £180 for an 8 megapixel cameraphone is a steal

Only downside is its a refurb but if it works OK, this seems like a decent price!


Just so everyone knows, these are customer returns. But still, a great price. Tempted to get one. Heat added.

edit: ha. u beat me to it!

just be aware that these phones suffered a LOT of bad press as they kept going wrong.
Lots of people had to send them back 4 or 5 times!
Apparently the newer model is ok now.
I actually bought a brand new 1 off here a couple of months ago for £165 and (touch wood), have had no problems yet.

Have you seen the size of that thing? It's not a phone, it's a camera with a communication add-on. Would def not buy.


Don't forget 3% topcashback.


Don't forget 3% topcashback.

And Quidco 3% cashback, though many people are telling me that Quidco is becoming unreliable - I've not had great support from them, with tickets closed no explanation etc. But at least we have a choice, and it should push both of them to improve things as far as possible, if they want to stay in business.…azy


Have you seen the size of that thing? It's not a phone, it's a camera … Have you seen the size of that thing? It's not a phone, it's a camera with a communication add-on. Would def not buy.

It's not as big as an iPhone and nobody says that's too big :roll:.

This is an awesome phone and the camera is superb. Great deal :thumbsup:

I have had this phone since it was released. My first handset was back and forth to the repair shop for 4 months for various repairs (2 new handsets, new slider, new top bit, new speaker). I eventually got the handset replaced and this one has started to develop one of the same faults that the first one had. Avoid this phone!

On the plus side, the camera is awesome for a phone!

£180 for a refurb.. i can see a lot of crying in the near future...

Not a surprise there are a lot of refurbs as many have been returned several times - see these reviews…htm
Also no video calls via 3g, so it looks like this is a featiure being dropped from phones. Not really surprised as video calls are so expensive they have never really caught on, and you can send someone a video clip anyway!

I would stay well clear of this phone. My daughter has one and it is the most flimsy phone I've come across.

If you drop it, it falls to bits. It is only 4 months old and the camera metal switch has snapped off and the metal clip on the other side has also broke.

The annoying think is that these faults are not covered under warranty. So total waste of money :x

Simply the worst phone money can buy - stay away!

If it worked it could be a good phone, but this will develop all the same faults the others do. Keypad buttons will stop working, software will crash, speaker will go etc etc.

I work in the phone retail industry and I am fed up booking Sony Ericsson handsets in for repair. Too unreliable.

this particular model has got a problem with its ear speak volumes about it....better avoid at all costs...i understand and agree that it has got a wifi, 8mp camera etc...
end of the day its a phone and if it has got a problem with its ear piece what you gonna do with rest of the features.....

Wouldn't buy for the reason its a refurb. And the phone has tons of issues.
Not voting since its not cheaper elsewhere but i wouldn't buy it.

It's true, the camera is amazing for a phone, but both people I know with a C905 have had to return theirs (something to do with the speaker going), one pal has had his replaced twice so far.

They both know people that have had problems with theirs too. I'd love one, but it seems a lot of people have trouble with this model.

My last two phones have been SE, so hopefully there'll be a newer more reliable model, as I've loved my K750i and K810i (still using it!)
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