Sony Ericsson Elm on O2 PAYG - £110

Sony Ericsson Elm on O2 PAYG - £110

Found 3rd May 2010
This phone was £99 for a period recently (and got to 480degrees), but then went back up to £129. Has now been reduced again to £110.

Have been through the checkout process up to where you put in credit card details and it doesn't require you to buy any air time.

Cashback available from usual sites.

Not the deal of the century but similar price to what these are going for on online auction sites.


has been £110 for some time

Bought this at this price from o2 two weeks ago, no air time required.

hotness for a well made phone. Nicest candy bar Ive held for a while

Hot!! I missed it when it was £99, and recently played with it in the shops, love it!! Probably the best traditional candybar phone on the market. Thanks for the heads up!

Good phone for people who want a traditional style mobile, but also wifi.
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