Sony Ericsson K310i PAYG - Just £49.99 or less on o2!!  As little as £37.49!!

Sony Ericsson K310i PAYG - Just £49.99 or less on o2!! As little as £37.49!!

Found 24th Aug 2006
The Link have the latest Sony Ericsson phone, the Sony Ericsson K310i, on o2 at just £49.99 - a brilliant price. If you purchase via, you'll get 5% cashback (£2.50) and if you send them an old phone as a trade-in (any old phone, as long as it works) you'll get a further £10 back from the Link. See the offer page for details of that offer.

Keep in touch with calls, text and picture messaging and standard push email. See pictures of friends and family onscreen when they call. The K310i keeps the distance short.

The first press on the camera key activates the camera, the second press takes the photo. You can show your pocket picture album to others directly on the colour screen. Browse your pictures, find the one you want. Share it. The K310i can play real music ringtones in MP3 format. Choose from those pre-stored in the phone or download new ones from the Sony Ericsson PlayNow™ download service or your operator’s website. When you have time to spare, enjoy fast and challenging mobile 3D gaming with force and sound feedback. A 65K UBC (Ultra Bright Colour) display makes gaming fun and colourful.


Do you have to purchase a phone from them to be able to trade another phone in for £10 cheque?

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Yes, I believe that is the case.

You can however trade your old phone in for cash or Argos vouchers at Envirofone. You get better value if you go for Argos vouchers rather than cash but it's obviously not as convinient for you that way.…asp

Their system may seem a little odd with some expensive phones not giving as much as less expensive ones but I think they base it on the number they need/have of a certain phone as well as the value. If the companies they sell the phones onto don't want a certain kind then it won't pay as much, but it's worth taking a look at. Some of my old phones will get £50 on there and i didn't even pay that much for them!!

I have an MC60 i wanna get rid of an they dont go for much on envirofone, £10 would be much better. I did buy a phone from them about 3 months ago but forgot to send in my old phone

EDIT: Just checked - £2.46

Found somewhere online that will buy it for £10 - Will post the link later when I am feeling more sharing!

Also you send it to them using a FREEPOST address

Nice find thanks stuart
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