Sony Ericsson K510i - 12 month free line rental with £35 Quidco profit on Orange Canary 40!!

Sony Ericsson K510i - 12 month free line rental with £35 Quidco profit on Orange Canary 40!!

Found 4th Aug 2006
CoolNewMobile have the Sony Ericsson K510i on Orange with 12 months free line rental on a 12 month contract (after cashback). So, for £0 (after cahsback), the K510i (for FREE!!), 12 months free line rental (after which you may cancel), 300 x-net minutes, 75 Orange2Orange off peak minutes and 100 text messages per month with an initial outlay of £40 per month before cashback on Orange's "Canary 40" tariff.

The Sony Ericsson K510i can take quality photos and record video clips with it's 1.3 megapixel camera. It has image editing software built-in, such as the Face Warp application which can easily turn a funny face into a funnier face. The K510i also has standard push email so emails addressed to you can be automatically sent to the phone without your having to do anything. The K510i also has Bluetooth, an MP3 player and weighs just 82g.

This offer works by cashback which you claim from CoolNewMobile at specified intervals. If you wish you can purchase via who will give you a whopping £35 in extra cashback, bringing the minimum term cost down to just £35!! Remember to cancel itemised billing with Orange once you start you contract if you don't want it as Orange charge £1.50 per month for this service. Remember to cancel the insurance if you don't want it as it's quite expensive. As usual, send claims recorded/special delivery as soon as you get the bill and you'll be fine. Go to the forums to read feedback on this retailer. Click on "comments".


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CLICK HERE to read/leave feedback for this retailer, CoolNewMobile.

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