Sony Ericsson K610i - 12 months free (12 month contract) or £35 profit !!!!
Sony Ericsson K610i - 12 months free (12 month contract) or £35 profit !!!!

Sony Ericsson K610i - 12 months free (12 month contract) or £35 profit !!!!

Sony Ericsson K610i - 12 months free (12 month contract) or £35 profit !!!!

CoolNewMobile have the Sony Ericsson K610i with 12 months free line rental on a 12 month contract!! So, for £0 (after cashback) you're getting the Sony Ericsson K610i (for FREE), 12 months line rental (after which you can cancel), 200 cross network minutes, 100 Texts Messages, 25 Video Call mins, 25 Picture or video messages + £5 to play with every month (!!) on Video Talk & Text 350 tariff.

The Sony Ericsson K610i is a small and slim 3G phone, weighing just 92g and measuring 45 x 102 x 17mm. It has a 2 megapixel camera, advanced media capabilities, Bluetooth and Memory Stick Micro card slot. The K610i has an integrated music player with built-in equaliser and expandable memory up to 1 GB. The supplied software makes it easy to manage your music and transfer music files from your PC to the phone.

This offer works by cashback which you claim from CoolNewMobile at specified intervals. If you wish you can purchase via QuidCo.com who will give you £35 in extra cashback, meaning that you'll make a PROFIT of £35 on the whole thing!! You will get Free itemised billing from 3 network as well.

Very reliable cashback from CoolNewMobile (Mobile Affiliates) which I can personally vouch for. I usually receive the cashback cheque within 3-4 weeks of submitting the claim. As usual, send claims recorded/special delivery as soon as you get the bill and you'll be fine. To make my life easier, I have copied duckmagicuk2's description from a previous K610i offer (thanks ducky).

- hotdealsuk


Can I ask a quick question? Sorry if this sounds stupid, if you get the phone on 12 months rental free do you then have to pay for the next 12 months on contract before cancelling it, or can you get the 12 months free and then cancell it?


Thanks for the post Edi,

Can you please advise how the cashback works with them and is it like phonebox where if you miss one claim then all future claims becomes void.

How many times do you have to claim?

Is is a brand new phone or a refurbished?

Thanks for your help

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[SIZE=2]Thanks flutterbee (welcome to HUKD :santa: ) & hotuk :thumbsup: [/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]This is a brand new phone & the offer works by cashback. You will pay £25 / month to the network '3' - a total of £300 in 12 months. You can give 1 month notice at the end of month 11 and cancel the contract at the end of the month 12. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]£300 should be claimed from CoolNewMobile (not from 3 network) via cashback / redemption in 5 equal instalments. ie. £60 / claim. First claim should be submitted after 120 days of connection which is your 5th airtime bill (not 4th) and then one claim every two months. You have 30 days from the date printed on the bill to submit the claim to CoolNewMobile. If you dont submit a claim on time or if your claim is refused for some reason, you lose the entire cashback. Dont panic, there is nothing really to be worried as long as you submit the claim on time and by recorded delivery. I have had 4 /5 claim successful so far. CNM provides cashback via cheque normally within 4 weeks of submitting the claim[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]So, you need to send 5 airtime bills :- 5th (claim 1), 7th(claim 2), 9th(claim 3), 11th(claim 4) and 13th(claim 5). As the network send you bills in advance, you wont get a 13th bill if you cancel the contract exactly at the end of 12th month. To get the 13th bill make a short chargeable call, eg. 0844 or 0845 calls which will force the network to send you the 13th bill.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]If you need any further help, please ask :santa: [/SIZE]

CoolNewMobile also have the LG U300 Grey, Motorola V3x Pumpkin, LG U890 Blue or Pink, Nokia 6630, as well as Edi's SE K610i (which holds the highest value/spec) all free with 12months free line rental on TT600 (500mins/100sms), TT900 (750mins/150sms) or VTT1100 (600mins/400sms)

nice find edi ..voted HOT

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Thanks Schizoboy & Currychops :thumbsup:

Thanks edi - excellent find.

I assume once I've received the phone and SIM there's nothing to stop me selling the handset SIM free,not using the SIM and claiming the cashback as I go along ?

Would I still have to register the SIM with 3 when I receive it ?

Thanks for your help.

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Welcome to HUKD daveo1 :santa:

I'm pretty sure you can sell the handset (which I have done in the past ) as long as you dont intend to cancel the contract well before 12 months. Use the sim from another handset and take advantage of the free minutes & texts but the FREE £5 allowance may need a 3G mobile to browse '3' website.

HTH :thumbsup:


Read the 3 T&C very carefully, if its on the old T&C's it should be ok to sell it, but new T&C's might differ, I'd bet you can sell it though.

When I ordered my 3 phone last year, I did not need to register it...

I'm pretty sure you can sell the handset (which I have done in the past … I'm pretty sure you can sell the handset (which I have done in the past ) as long as you dont intend to cancel the contract well before 12 months. Use the sim from another handset and take advantage of the free minutes & texts but the FREE £5 allowance may need a 3G mobile to browse '3' website.

Thanks edi,

So you reckon I can sell the handset but of course not cancel the contract itself till the end of the 12th month as per your 12.01 posting?

You mention using the sim from another handset.I assume you mean using the sim in another handset.I assume the sim would work in most other handsets ? I've got a D600.

3 provides USIM, this is 3g-mandatory sim in essence, so MUST BE put in a 3g phone, D600 is not 3G unfortunately.

K610i should go for £100ish mark on ebay though and plenty of Nokia 6630's or LG's about for under £50.

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You can sell the phone dave but its not worth cancelling the contract before 12 months. You'll lose cashback and end up paying a penalty and may have to return the phone too.

Sorry I should have mentioned 'use sim in' another handset. If you are after a cheap 3G phone, there are few handsets such as Motorola C975 or ZTE F866 for cheap cheap prices or as schizoboy suggests find one in ebay.

I highly recommend ebay when it comes to 3 phones, supply is outdoing demand so prices are good on 6630 and 6680 models or SE K608i's all great models on great UI's all under £50 if you're shrewd, outweighs a £30 LG/unknown or the horrible, and I do mean horrible, C975, I couldn't send that to envirofone fast enough.

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.....I do mean horrible, C975.

mmmhh... :roll: . Still some sites are doing this on 12 month contracts :santa:

C975 was the 1st colour screen phone I ever used which made me miss my old Nokia block phones, Motorola's completely insanely designed UI and that horrible screen, old OS and massive size has truly scared me for life.

Coolnewmobile deals always seem too good to be true..........................

So long as you remember, it's people forgetting the details of their cashback conditions, forgetting completely or just screwing up that is SUBSIDISING your deal (majority of cashback deails actually processed never have all their cashback if any processed, they are gambling it is too much hassle) which should provide incentive for you to be extremely organised to the point of obcessive compulsive disorder with regard to any cashback deal, then they are fine, I had/have several without problems because I go OTT on filing and on reminders.

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How NOT to miss a [COLOR=darkred]CoolNewMobile[/COLOR] cashback claim ?

Spend sometime in preparing for the cashback claim. Some of the cashback terms can be very confusing like 120 days of connection / 4th month bill etc. Dont worry, Excel is very handy to solve this problem. Here is what I have done.


Make one like this and you will never miss your cashback.
[COLOR=darkred]Golden rule 1: Send your cashback claim by Recorded delivery and if the claim is huge, go for a special dlivery.[/COLOR] The money spend on this is worth the hassle.
[COLOR=darkred]Golden rule 2: Note down the deadline for each cashback claim and do everything you can to submit asap. [/COLOR]


I need to find a mobile quick as my contract ends soon, if I order this can I let coolnewmobile have my pac code so when my new phone arrives, the SIM will already be on my existing number?

Also, if I can do this when ordering, would coolnewmobile charge for this number porting service?


NO PACing over can take 7-10days, 1 week typically in my experience, what happens is your new contract sim will have a temporary number on it until your new number is passed over onto it.
your old sim that is holding your number will suddently stop working you will get "sim registration failed" in that case your new sim on new contract should be picking up your new number, you might need to turn that phone on and off again to be sure.

It can mean carrying 2 phones around with you for a week or carrying one phone and your new sim if they can interoperate depending on phone locks etc.

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Still around.....

bump !!

Saw this when it was first posted but ordered today - nice one! Any tips on getting a cheap M2 memory card? Great tips on remembering cashback, thanks edi.

edi, do you actually get a bill on the day you are connected? Is that because they bill in advance?

Ordered this phone through the web on Sunday - website takes Amex cards so put it on that. Was expecting it today (Tuesday) but it didn't arrive so called them - have to wait ages on the phone and then they told be that they don't take Amex!!!!! So I gave them a different credit card and they said they would dispatch it today.

This evening got an email from them saying
"[SIZE=2]Although your credit check has been successful, there is currently a nationwide shortage of your chosen handset. Our suppliers have notified us of the poor availability but do anticipate having available stock within seven days. Should we still not be in a position to fulfill your order in seven days we will contact you again."[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]What a joke! Why did they take my credit card details if they could not send it out? Why does their website accept Amex if they do not? They are a bunch of jokers and I am now concerned if they are genuine or not. Any help or comments appreciated.

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Sorry if this sounds stupid, can someone please explain? [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]12 months FREE line rental on a 12 month contract [/FONT][/COLOR][FONT=Verdana]with £[/FONT][FONT=Verdana]367.50 Cashback [/FONT][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]@ £35.00 per month. I make this £420 Cashback over 12 months.:? [/FONT][/COLOR]
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