Sony Ericsson K800i free on O2 400mins/100sms £106 total term cost after quidco

Sony Ericsson K800i free on O2 400mins/100sms £106 total term cost after quidco

Found 20th Nov 2006
Free Clearance Sony Ericsson K800i on O2 400/100 £35/m £106 term cost after quidco

8 months for £1.99/month is the deal meaning £264 cashback and £156 term cost

£50 cashback when ordering via quidco

£106 term cost

Cashback details:
8 Months £1.99 line rental
A credit of £15.00 will be raised automatically by cheque within 2 months if you do not cancel your contract. You will receive a text message when this credit has been successfully raised.
To gain the remainder of your line rental / cash back please send your 6th 8th 10th and 12th monthly bills within 30 days of the date stated on the relevant airtime bill to us and we will credit you by cheque with £62.27 each time.
This will save you £264.08 over the 12 month duration of the contract. In effect this means that your average line rental per month over the contract period is £12.99 per month.

Note: e2save are doing this exact same deal, but their cashback is £36.50 so term cost for them is £119.50 which has been posted before…ht/ shows this is another CPW owned company
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Has anyone bought from thephonespot before? Are they reliable?
I've dealt with CPW before and it was fine for me, no reason to believe thephonespot won't be just as reliable
yeah but then again if this website is going to be the same as e2save... im not sure.... i want good costumer service
Does it mean you pay £106 only without any xtra fee's?

Is it cheaper than to buy pay as you go?
yinujim you pay £35/month every month for rental (not including any superfluous extra charges u make) for 12months, thats £420 paid
but £264 cashback via redemption (sending off bills and getting cheques/bank payments from phonespot every few months as mentioned) and with £50 quidco it RESULTS in (£420 - £314 =) £106 term cost, I've done many cashback contracts like this without problem, it just requires u to be careful when posting (recorded/special delivery) and sending them in on time (e-mail/calender/phone reminders) and keeping all bills sent via post and all paperwork properly filed

£106 for 4800mins and 1200sms with a K800i thats new (just not the new packaging u expecting maybe), far far better than pay as you go, so long as you are not a heavy texter or very heavy talker
anyone going for it?
Someone people did hopefully ;-)
E2Save have this on clearance for those interested:

Virgin 30 200mins/300sms 7months free rental via £210 cashback = £150 term cost, £112.50 after quidco:…ICL

O2 500mins/100sms 8months rental @ 99p/month via £312.08 cashback = £167.92 term cost, £130.42 after quidco:…ICL
Tried for this deal through e2save a few weekends ago.....and never again!

Something that should be so simple was turned into a confusing nightmare! Calls never returned, never got to spoke to the same person twice so after being on hold for 15mins each time (average!) you then spend the next 5 mins explain what you told someone else the day before only to ne told nothing had been done since!


In the end got a very simlair deal from o2 retentions dept and it only took one phone call and no cash back to worry about and no refurb phone!

Hope it adds a bit of food for thought to someone!
Feel free to post that and more in the e2save feedback thread in the misc forum.

I too am on a O2 retention deal free N80 on O2 500 for £15/month so don't blame you really.

Still thephonespot £100 term cost deal is v good imho
how do you get decent deals from the providers themselves? i know some people haggle after finishing their contract, but i haven't had a contract yet... just on PAYG with both o2 and orange.... so would be treated as a "new" customer i guess? i would love to get the deal you got schizoboy…443

It can vary, O2 and Three have v good retention deals imo, Orange can vary if you are valueable enough, Virgin and Vodafone both on par really with free near top end phones for £25/month on half decent tariffs, Tmobile are just pathetic from what I have heard.

For Virgin, Tmob and Voda, "new customers only" seem to be benefit most from retailer deals over anything the network offers, 3 and O2 easily trump their retailers tho.

So for Virgin, tmob or voda, pac out to another network

3 or O2 don't pac out unless you do not get offered a good deal (which is usually done by threatening to leave by asking for a pac.

I started on O2 in 2005 on a 12months free rental deal which mobileshop were very efficient with and O2 were keen to keep me as a customer, which unfortunately most companies arn't keen to do these days.…443
last time i asked for a pac to leave to go to 3 (btu then e2save couldnt actually carry out my order as they ran out) and orange just said ok you'll get your code in a few days. i don't mean much to them it seems
and for o2 i haven't used my sim card in about 6 months, so no activity on that.

oh and i'll probably now not do anything until after christmas as im off on holiday and starting a contract anytime soon is pointless.
Are u talking about PAYG retention? Never really seen that accept on rare occasion a higher spender might get an offer.

PAYG might be 76%of the market which is why under £15/month spend is actually better to be PAYG really but with cashback contract beats it and contract has obligated loyalty + hasslefree loyalty afterward means they should try.

I imagine alot of companies will have stock to shift just as xmas arrives.
yeah exactly. wow didnt know payg was that much of the market... seems everyone i know has a contract now.
but who knows? maybe some customer service person might be nice to me. i'll let you know if i managedto haggle anything
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