Sony Ericsson K800i (& other handsets) - 12 months Free (12 month contract) +  £36.50 Quidco @ e2save !

Sony Ericsson K800i (& other handsets) - 12 months Free (12 month contract) + £36.50 Quidco @ e2save !

Found 20th Apr 2008
E2save have the following handsets for 12 months FREE on 12 month contract.

Sony Ericsson K800i (clearance)
Nokia 6300
Nokia 6300 (Black)
Samsung D900 (clearance)
Samsung J700 Pink
Samsung J700 Silver

Edit : Follow link in #8 to see all offers. If going via Quidco, you may want to copy & paste this link in the Quidco / e2save browser…t=1

About the offer : This offer works by redemption. i.e. you pay £30 / month line rental to the network (in return for a Free handset & 200 x-net mins + 200 texts every month). Starting from month 6, you should submit cashback claims to e2save (4 claims for £90 each) to claim £360 cashback. Effective offer is 12 months Free on 12 month contract. Go via Quidco for another £36.50 cashback which is a profit !

Reliable ? :- E2save is part of Carphone Warehouse, the most reliable retailer for cashback atm. You have a brilliant "60 days" to submit each claim. Send the appropriate bill via 'recorded delivery'.

Handset :- Free brand new handset except for the clearance deals which are either ex-demonstration, trial or mail order returned. However, clearance handsets come with a full years manufacturers warranty.


Can't seem to find these deals on the site, were they an email promotion?

Also, thought only M2YD had the 60 day redemption period, thought all the others were 30 days if not less (thinking of pricematch deal policy)?

If you can comply with the cashback terms this looks like a really good deal. e2save have been about for years, they are less likely to go bust and stop you from getting cashback than a lot of other phone retailers.

The link is not showing the offer or the phone.

I posted something similar last week - and it was showing 4 phones - but they were only there sometimes when the link was clicked.

anyone managed to see these offers on the site??

go through the link and then click on " Home - best offers " top left

don't believe that, not there now !!!!!!!!!1

Original Poster

Apologies... Follow this link to see all offers

yeah or…php
then click on 12 months under contract on right hand column and you're done

edit: just realised that I received an email from e2save about 12month free deals..clicked and saw the deals. however when going direct to the website, the deals are then £1.99. going through the email link again i can still see the 12month free how am i supposed to get quidco for the 12month deals?

do you think that will work if going via quidco? i mean if i go via quidco, then when on e2save website i paste the link there, will it work? :thinking:
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