SONY ERICSSON K850i on Orange PAYG ONLY £199

SONY ERICSSON K850i on Orange PAYG ONLY £199

Found 4th Feb 2008
- Cybershot camera phone
- MP3 player and FM radio
- 5 Megapixel camera with 16x zoom
- 512MB memory card supplied - holds up to 160 tracks
- Bluetooth and USB


Just wanted to mention that I have this phone and its been plagued with faults since day 1...
The camera shutter stops opening, the touch screen selector buttons stop responding, the screen goes totally black and you cannot answer calls or texts and it regulary freezes and the only solution is to remove battery and start again.
Mine has been replaced several times and Im just about to get it replaced yet again...
Good deal if the phone proves more reliable...

wow thats seems more reliable than the n95
did/have u updated the firmware m8ty?


Not all of the k850is have problems, mine has been fine for the last few months and i have dropped it many times and it still works fine, even the touch buttons. Only let down is the firmware but there is meant to be a major firmware update this/next week

How do you do the firmware update please?
I got this phone on Friday and just getting used to it-so far i really like the phone and no problems as yet.
Really easy to use too.


Search google for sony ericsson update service, i would get you a link but im on my phone

I know alot of the problems with this phone have been down to the firmware BUT I have had a number of other problems - I'm never going to buy Sony Ericson again.:x

I have had sony ericsons for the past 8 years and the only problem i ever had was the mini joysticks on two previous models became unresponsive when moving down (or was it up). got a K610i now and its had NO problems.

My friend has this phone and thinks its the dogs and i got to agree.

I've just ordered one from three @ £20 a month - seemed a good price when you add in the minutes, free minutes to other three customers & ebay/skype

Anyone know why all the cold votes? Is this deal a misprice?
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