Sony Ericsson LiveView @ PLAY.com - £39.99 delivered & 3.5% quidco (£1.40).
Sony Ericsson LiveView @ PLAY.com - £39.99 delivered & 3.5% quidco (£1.40).

Sony Ericsson LiveView @ PLAY.com - £39.99 delivered & 3.5% quidco (£1.40).

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Bluetooth: General Operating Range (m) 10 m
Colour: Black
UI/Wearing: Graphical display 1.3"" colour OLED display
Keys: Two hardkeys and four softkeys
Other: Calendar reminders, Find your phone, Display time and date, USB High speed 2.0 support
Wearing: Clip or Wristband
Music player control: Play, pause, next, previous track and volume adjustment. Track title display.
Messaging: Display incoming SMS, Display RSS feeds
Social networking services: Display Facebook updates, Display Twitter updates
Calls: Show phone number for incoming calls, Mute ringer for incoming phone calls
Kit contents: LiveView, Clip, Wristband, Micro USB charger, User guide LiveView
Compatible With:
Acer: Liquid Metal
Dell: Streak
Google: Nexus One
HTC: Desire, Desire HD, Desire Z, Gratia, HD mini, Legend, Wildfire
Motorola: DEFY, Flipout, Milestone, XT720
Samsung: Galaxy Europa I5500, Galaxy S I9000, i5500 Corby
Sony Ericsson: X10, XPERIA X10 Mini, XPERIA X10 Mini Pro


Take control of your phone without ever taking it out. The LiveView is wearable and wireless, you can also customise it with applications.

Always connected with the window into your world!
Take a peek into the window of your world with the wireless Sony Ericsson LiveView. The Sony Ericsson LiveView uses Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly pair up to a compatible handset. The Sony Ericsson LiveView will allow you to read SMS and MMS messages, manage incoming calls see who is calling and keep up to date with the latest news on Facebook and Twitter.

Make it yours!
The first Sony Ericsson accessory to be compatible with the open Android platform, the Sony Ericsson LiveView gives developers an open platform to be creative and develop the next must-have application! This means endless possibilities for consumers and lots of exciting applications to choose from.

How do you wear yours?
Be unique with Sony Ericsson LiveView! Designed with individuality in mind the Sony Ericsson LiveView can be clipped anywhere you want - a pocket, shirt collar, or a bag
strap - whatever you want and whenever you want it. It can even be connected to a watch strap so that you can check calls and messages as often as the time!

Control your music!
Pocket your phone and control your music wherever you are! Enjoy your favourite tunes in all situations - even when you cant reach your phone!

Whats in the box:
Micro USB Charger
User Guide

Seemed a good price - couldn't find it cheaper anywhere else. Also 3.5% quidco - £1.40.


What the hell is it?

edit: voted hot coz it looks cool and very very 'techy'
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A sort of small thing that you control your phone with, without taking the risk of losing your phone.

Bond, James Bond.......................................Voted hot

Do not get too excited,read the reviews.If it worked I would of had one.

my phones rubbish. This is probably worth more than the phone, so not worth me getting one. Good if you have an IPhone though.

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Atleast, the reviews suggest that.

I like the idea but it's half the cost of my San Francisco! I thought maybe it would help save my phone battery because I can check messages on it, however that will probably be outweighed by leaving bluetooth on.


Heres an idea when your phone rings and you want to know who it is dont buy one of these..........look at the bleeding phone for gawds sake! Next thing you know they'll be sacking tv pundits for having a laugh before a programme starts.........
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It would seem not too great with Android, but good with other then.

Its only for android phones...

that is pretty neat!

very hot price considering it is only released recently. However, my desire hd's battery only lasts a day and connecting this over bluetooth wouldbring it down even lower!


I bought one on release but I've barely used it because it is extremely flawed. It constantly loses connection with my phone and it needs that connection to do anything useful. It won't even display the time without it.

They're supposed to be releasing a firmware update for it this month but I would advise against purchasing until that is released and it's confirmed that it fixes those issues.


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Okay, I fail :D.

Very true. But most gadgets are novelty's when you think about it.



Hot now a firmware update is out which (I hope) fixes the bugs. I am a bit worried about my phones battery life with bt on the whole time though.

Different ballgame now that it has had the update.Now that it works I have ordered one.

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Might even get one myself!

Damn it... Missed it!

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Awww, expired now :(.
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