Sony Ericsson MS500 Outdoor Wireless Speaker £10.99 delivered @ PrePayMania

Sony Ericsson MS500 Outdoor Wireless Speaker £10.99 delivered @ PrePayMania

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Found 19th Oct 2010
Good price for this as elsewhere:- £17.99
Play £19.90 £19.95
Mobile Fun £45.97

Sony Ericsson MS500 Bluetooth Outdoor Wireless Speaker

The Sony Ericsson MS500 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker has a super sound in a such a small speaker that can deliver great sound, Yes! Clear treble, rich bass - superior audio. People on the street won't believe their ears when you walk by. Grab it and go with no charging required. Just pop in the included AA batteries and crank your tunes. You'll turn up the volume on any outfit with this splash-proof speaker.


* Colours: Black and orange (carbine hook) and White and Pink (white strap)
* Materials: coloured plastic
* Size: 113 x 83 x45mm
* Weight: 155g with batteries/ 105g without batteries (2 AA batteries are included in the package)
* Steaming music: Up to 5hrs
* Efficiency: 2 watts
* DSP for audio enhancement
* Bluetooth version: 2.1 + EDR
* Bluetooth profile: A2DP, AVRCP
* Bluetooth profile: 10m

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