Sony Ericsson Satio £409.37 (inc price of 18 month contract) Tmobile

Sony Ericsson Satio £409.37 (inc price of 18 month contract) Tmobile

Found 2nd Dec 2009
Wasn't really sure how to word this - the cost is £166.37 for the phone and £13.50 a month for the contract (100 mins, 100 texts) = £409.37 overall, which I don't think is too bad considering the phone is around £400 to buy alone sim free. There is also possible Quidco / Topcashback, OR if you phone direct to Tmobile (as I did), they sold me the handset for £144.99.


I agree its low cost and a cheap way of getting hold of the phone, but surely if you're getting a high spec phone like this, you'll want to make the most of it (i.e. internet usage) - that's something to take into consideration in the cost maybe as you might want the web n walk add on from t-mobile - £5 per month or £90 over the contract term (I think)... and then the matter of whether 100 mins/ texts will be regularaly exceeded. I wont vote either way, but it's perhaps not as hot as at first glance.

I went into the carphone warehouse at the weekend to have a look at this phone, they are not selling it as most of them have been returned faulty!!!

Expensive paperweight till they get the software sorted

Sony did an official recall on these, uesless... slighlty surprised T-Mobile dare give you one!!!!

Then again they sell customer details to other companies to boost profits ;-p

According to the BBC report regarding the recall, the fault doesn't affect Vodafone and Orange handset's as these networks run their own symbian software on the phone. I have one from Vodafone and there doesn't seem to have been a problem (as yet!!). Still doesn't explain why T-mobile are giving them to their customers.

Alot of money for a phone, or an expensive camera.

Very very high spec phone, would have been better with Android or Maemo on it.


T-Mobile won't withdraw it. There's bound to be a few people out there that don't realise the Satio is a paperweight and T-Mobile will be more than happy to fleece them.

My newish LG Arena is suffering as many problems as the Satio and T-Mobile don't want anything to do with it. They claim any problems with the phone have to be directed to LG as they send the phones out directly to the customers. I guess that's why T-Mobile is written on the back of the phone and it's running their firmware. LG confirmed T-Mobile were talking out their a**e.
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