Sony Ericsson  W200i Vodafone PAYG £19.99 + £10 top up needed !

Sony Ericsson W200i Vodafone PAYG £19.99 + £10 top up needed !

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The W200i mobile phone is another handset from Sony Ericsson's highly succesful Walkman range. The main feature of the W200i is the in-built Walkman media player which allows you to listen to your favourite tracks and watch video footage in various formats. Added to this is the Mega Bass music feature designed to cater for different musical styles.

To capture those special moments with friends and family the Sony Ericsson W200i mobile phone comes with a built in easy to use VGA digital camera allowing you to send and enjoy your favourite photos and video footage using the mutimedia messaging and e-mail service.

Through the W200i Sony Ericsson have made an extremely affordable handset incorporating an abundance of music technology which can be enjoyed using the stereo headset provided. The PlayNow feature aslo enables you to search for and download your favourite ringtones.

Don't forget £5 Quidco


Plus £10 top-up.

Anyone ever bought opff this website…645

You can get it in black on orange without a top up though.

Sorry no you can't, it shows as top-up required on the next page.

good deal. i've got a cashback deal with them. so far no problem
dont forget cashback to bring ot further down


"Mobiles2YourDoor is a trading division of Phones 4u Limited."

Also £29.99 in WH Smith on Orange

Original Poster

I'm fairly sure you can get an Orange one on the mobiles2your door site for £19.95 as well......

Original Poster version.....£19.95.....on Orange..........

Mobiles2YourDoor is a good shop in my opinon on their cashback phone offers.

good deal.


is it unlockable and is it 3g ready

Same price for the Pink version too.


is it unlockable and is it 3g ready

Yes, no.


Mobiles2YourDoor is a good shop in my opinon on their cashback phone … Mobiles2YourDoor is a good shop in my opinon on their cashback phone offers.

I bought a phone from them a couple of months ago and I've had a terrible experience with them.

After a week the phone broke. I called them and they said they would send out a pre-paid bag for me to return the phone in. A week later and still no bag, so I called again. They said the bag had been sent, but they would send another. I received the bag 5 days later and sent off the phone. Despite calling and emailing them several times to ask what was going on, I didn't receive a replacement phone for another 5 weeks.

The replacement phone had a faulty battery, so I called their customer services again and they said they would send a new one, but it would take 7-10 working days. 17 days later and still no battery, so I call them again only to be told "we sent it, but it must have got lost". Hmmmm, I've heard that one before. They say they can send another battery, but it will take another 7-10 working days, or alternatively I can choose to have them send me a cheque for £20 and I can buy my own battery. I opted for the latter, thinking at least it would be sorted out quickly, but now they're telling me it'll take up to 28 days for me to receive my cheque.

Based on my experience, I'll never buy from this company again.

I have a cash back deal from them. I am currently in the process of sending in my first claim form for the 3rd time. I would not use this company again.

i've recently got my first cashback cheque, no problems so far

VIrgin do these (reconditioned) for about £18 delivered, no top up required.

As with many of these cheap colour screen phone, the screen lets it down.

Half decent albeit basic phone.
Got min at CPW for £19.99 (had to buy a £10 top up ). Was unlocked !!

The W200i has a really ****** screen. it's old CSTN technology i think. The motorola W377 which is £25 in argos, and was I'm not sure if it still is £30 on virgin with a free bluetooth headset in zavvi, seems to be a much better spec'd phone for the same kind of price bracket. Also as far as I can tell the W200 cannot be patch unlocked like the other SE phones (W800, W810, K700, K800 etc.)

I had another run in with this company today. The replacement battery I bought didn't solve the problems I was talking about in my earlier post, so I called their customer service line again. Even though they took 5 weeks to replace my first faulty phone and I waited 17 days for a battery to be sent (which never arrived) they told me that they couldn't do anything as my 28 day warranty with them had expired.

I told the customer service guy that I have not had a phone that works properly yet, and that the reason it's beyond the 28 day time period is because I have been waiting for them to send me out replacement items, but he wasn't interested. I asked to speak to a supervisor but he refused. I said that the customer service I've received so far has been dire, and he immediately raised his voice and said "how the hell can you say that?" and started ranting on.

I've contacted the manufacturer who are going to repair or replace the phone for me, but I am not happy at all with the way Mobiles2YourDoor have treated me.
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