Sony Ericsson W205 refurb A Grade £20 delivered

Sony Ericsson W205 refurb A Grade £20 delivered

Found 1st Apr 2010
Sony Ericsson's cheapest Walkman phone to date comes with enhanced music capabilities, including Walkman player, FM radio and the TrackID music recognition. In addition, it makes sharing content with friends and family easy, with personalized contact lists and Bluetooth connectivity for image and video sharing.



I used to have this phone as a work phone when I was a Landscape Gardener.

It held up pretty well to the inevitable knocks and drops it received but over time the keypad cracked and the screen stopped working.

Overall it was a pretty solid phone though but I prefer a softer key pad if you are gonna text alot.

Hot for the price though

Item number:170464263810

can his phone be unlocked

I need a nice cheapie unlocked phone so I will look into whether this can be unlocked easily.

have you found out yet
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