Sony Ericsson W300i + FREE Nintendo Wii + 12 months line rental = £399.99 + £20 QuidCo Cashback
Sony Ericsson W300i + FREE Nintendo Wii + 12 months line rental = £399.99 + £20 QuidCo Cashback

Sony Ericsson W300i + FREE Nintendo Wii + 12 months line rental = £399.99 + £20 QuidCo Cashback

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BuyMobilePhones.net are offering the Nintendo Wii console for FREE when you purchase a mobile contract. This is a great alternative to cashback, especially as the Wii is selling out everywhere.

**LAST CHRISTMAS ORDERS: Thursday December 21st**
**Please Note: The Nintendo Wii WON'T be delivered in time for Christmas**

Here's how it works. You take out the mobile contract on the Orange network via BuyMobilePhones. You purchase the Sony Ericsson W300i walkman phone for £39.99. This phone usually costs around £90 on PAYG. You then pay Orange £30 per month, and in return you'll get 200 anytime minutes which you can use to call UK mobiles and landlines, 75 text messages and 50 Orange to Orange off peak minutes per month. Your Nintendo Wii will be sent to you within 28 days. Purchase via QuidCo.com for £20 in cashback. Cancel itemised billing with Orange if you don't really need it, as Orange charge £1.50 per month for it. Finally, ensure you cancel the insurance if you don't need it because it costs over £5 per month.

The W300i is a fun Walkman® music phone. It comes with everything you need to enjoy your music wherever you go. It also has a camera and easy text and picture messaging. Take, save and share pictures of where you are. The W300i has Bluetooth built-in and supports USB connectivity. With a USB cable (supplied in kit), move music from your PC to your phone and synchronise the phone calendar and contacts with your PC.

FREE Nintendo Wii with this offer
Please Note due to stock availability we are UNABLE to ship this FREE Gift in time for Xmas. Our aim is to start Dispatching in January 07

Wii is fresh, new, and different but most importantly, Wii is bags of fun. Offering incredible new technology that will innovate the way we play in the home, Nintendos fantastically accessible motion-sensitive controller could well rewrite the videogame rulebook.


Doesnt this work out to be more??
12 months x £30 rental = £360
plus £40 for the phone
which equals to a total of £400
Not a bad deal anyway, I wonder if they would be able to guarantee the Jan shipout of Wii
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My wife was looking for a contract, and the Wii would make a nice diversion, so thanks for the info. The linked site also does deals on other stuff, like a Core Xbox 360 or an iPod for those not liking the Wii.

Phones. Phone companies. Usually always dodgy or some kind of con. I don't know about this but be careful.

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Welcome to HUKD jlow00, just a bit of fuzzy math there. :-(

Tha-Flash - BuyMobilePhones are a reputable phone company. Click the link in my signature (down there VV ) for feedback on these companies.

Just to be sure people know what they are getting:
You are pay £40 extra for the phone and sacrificing 12months FREE line rental, a total of £400 for a £180 Wii you cannot have most likely until the start of Janurary.

Buymobilephones.net has better and FREE phones on Orange with 12months free line rental resulting in a £360-£420 line rental saving, no phone cost and £20 profit on quidco.

So doing this is saving you the hassle of 2 extra redemption claims (with Wii its one after 28days, on free line rental on 12month contract its claims at month 4, 8 and 12), but is costing you £400 for a Wii in Janurary... when alot of stores will have it new stock by then...

This isn't that cheap. There are much better deals out there. 200 mins for £30a month is terrible, thats what they offer on the free line rental deals, as the previous poster says you basically are paying £400 for a Wii you won't recieve before Christmas. If you really want one that bad buy from Ebay.
If you want a new phone look at [url]www.coolnewmobile.co.uk[/url] for loads of 12mth free line rental (on a 12 month contract.)
is also a good place to start.

To be honest i'd steer clear of any 3rd party mobile phone vendor. A lot of them were offering PSP's a few months ago and my friend is still waiting for his.

28days is the limit for most doing gifts, just they represent a massive rip off.

All credit to duck, but this offer is basically asking £400 for a Nintendo Wii

Far better to get a 12month free line rental contract SEPERATELY (value of phone and quidco makes most 12month free rental contracts £50 profit minimum) and spending £180 at the start of January, put quidco and sale of mobile towards the wii you could get it for £100-£130

It depends on the retailer.
There are quite a few cowboys out there. It really does pay to do your research and see what other people have to say, whether they have recieved what was promised and how much hassle was involved.
Personally I have used [url]www.dialaphone.co.uk[/url] a lot and always found them fantastic, got a deal with a free 360 a few months ago and recieved it in a few weeks.
Don't just order because it is a good deal, do some research and make sure you will get what is promised.

Look stop talking about all this 28 day wait for the wii.

This post is Great for the peeps desperate for the Wii and need it before xmass.

Forget about the 28 days wait and pay them £180 upfont deposit for your free gift
and get it delivered in time for the kids for xmass.
(You can claim the £180 deposit back after 28 days )

I do wish some peeps would take the time to check availability and terms before they start knocking this offer.

Think it`s about the only chance any1 desperate for the Wii before xmass will get as most if not all other online store`s are out of stock.

Iam gonna rate it hot ,it deserves it . :santa:

Didn't see the option to get it before Christmas.
still a bad deal, but if people are desperate for one before christmas it does seem to be the only way, and at least you get the phone and calls for a year.
From that point of view (just to get a wii before christmas) it isn't quite so bad. Still £400 for a Wii though.
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