Sony Ericsson W700i - Term cost £145 + £40 QuidCo + FREE iPod Nano 2GB!!

Sony Ericsson W700i - Term cost £145 + £40 QuidCo + FREE iPod Nano 2GB!!

Found 9th Aug 2006
Dial-a-Phone currently have a lot of mix-and-match deals on their website. The reason why these are so good is that Dial-a-Phone are very reliable when it comes to cashback!! Firstly, visit the Dial-a-Phone website via This will get you £40 cashback from QuidCo. Then, click on the mix-and-match banner on the left of the page. Select the Sony Ericsson W700i as the phone. Then, select "O2 250 - 250 Anytime Any Network mins + 100 Txt" which costs £30 per month and gives you 135 points. This tariff will cost you £360 for the entire year. When you have selected it, you will see the gifts page. I advise that you don't select the PSP because the £215 cashback is more valuable. Select the "Ipod Nano 2GB White DSL" first as it costs 0 points!! Then, select the £215 cashback. So really, you're paying just £105 for the contract, free phone and iPod Nano. That's just £8.75 per month!! The iPod Nano is worth around £100, so in effect The Sony Ericsson W700i and contract are free!!

The contract is 12 months long. The cashback is redeemable from Dial-a-Phone at specified intervals, shown when you select your gift. Remember to cancel itemised billing with o2 if you don't want it as it costs 99p per month. Remember to cancel insurance when you receive the phone or else it'll be costing you £5.99 per month after the 3rd month!! As with all companies, claims should be sent recorded delivery.

The Sony Ericsson W700i is a Walkman phone with a 2 megapixel camera, video recording capability, Bluetooth and advanced music features. It has 256 MB Memory Stick for storing about 60-70 music tracks. When you need more you can add up to 4 GB of memory using a Memory Stick PRO Duo card. A high quality stereo headset is included. You can also attach portable desktop speakers (available seperately) or connect your W700i to your home stereo.
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Are you sure the "Ipod Nano 2GB White DSL" is the actual ipod? Does anyone know what DSL stands for?
Hope you or others can help, thinking of going for this deal, but would like to port my number from three have my pac! to o2 but dial a phone says you cannot?

can I do this with 02 after my phone has arrived?

and would this affect my cashback with dial a phone?

Also the details of cashback don't seem to show up, when do you claim, and is it a cash cheque they send outm or one off your line retal.

Thanks! :thumbsup:
Just finding out now...
Doesn't look the best as you also have the choice of choosing "iPod Nano 2GB White" and not with DSL in front of it - there isn't even a pic, so that would perhaps suggest something. Doubt it is a line ;P
Dial-A-Phone playing tricks on us all!! :x Just been on the phone with them for ages and explained it all. They didn't have a clue about it. In the end I'd started an argument on the shop floor and the supervisor was looking at the deal.

In the end they decided that it was a mistake and would be removed from the site later.

Sorry everyone.
What happens if you order online now, would you still get the iPod Nano you think?

Nope, I don't think so. I don't think it is an iPod Nano at all.
Well, I jumped on the offer as soon as Ducky posted:) My order was accepted, but no confirmation email yet. I'll give them a phone to see whether they are going to honour it or not...

I'll keep you posted.

Welcome to HUKD. Thanks for the post, hope they do honour it for you!! It would be a bit mean of them not to.

Just been contacted by their call centre. After a protracted discussion they are not honouring the deal, but offering £30 compensation if you sign up to a revised deal (£90 cashback rather than £215!).

I refused to cancel my order, or accept their new offer plus compensation. So we are in limbo....

I'll keep you posted.

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