Sony Ericsson W800i Refurb-9 Months Free-250 X-Net Mins+100 TXT's-£45 with QuidCo @ The Link
Sony Ericsson W800i Refurb-9 Months Free-250 X-Net Mins+100 TXT's-£45 with QuidCo @ The Link

Sony Ericsson W800i Refurb-9 Months Free-250 X-Net Mins+100 TXT's-£45 with QuidCo @ The Link

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Phone: Sony Ericsson W800i Refurb
Network: O2
Contract Length: 12 Months
Inclusive Monthly Minutes: 250 Anytime Cross Network
Inclusive Monthly Texts: 100
Rollover: 1 Month!
Monthly Cost: £30
Cashback: £270 (9 Months)
Additional Discount: £45.00 via QuidCo
Total Contract Cost after Cashback and QuidCo: £45.00!


i got this deal a couple of months ago. superb phone, everything in the box, quidco came through ok, unbranded and unlocked, except when i update the firmware online i'm stuck with the English-HongKong (where it came from!)

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Forgot to add:

You can see Feedback from users for The Link Right Here


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I was tempted with the W800i but I know someone with one and it's quite big, so I passed on it. I think the K750i or W810i is about as big as I'd care to go for a phone.

Unbranded and Unlocked ]mcek is pretty useful, glad you're happy!


W810i is on Refurb offer. See the FP.

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FP Ducky?


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Ah, LoL.
Question - Do deals that reach a 'Hot' rating high enough to go on the FP come off the FP if someone 'cools' them down?
(I'm sure I've seen some deals on there one day that have dissapeared not long after)


Yes they do X10, but it can get back on again with the right number of clicks to a certain level.

i am a first time user of this website and Quidco: I found follow msg in Quidco. what does that mean?

Please read the following before proceeding:
Please note: Although the vast majority of transactions are tracked successfully, the network currently responsible for this merchant has decided to only pay 50% for any successful enquiries on missing transactions. We have expressed our dissatisfaction to the network and are doing everything we can to improve this situation.


Still not very sure how this Quidco works...

I just connect to the Link via quidco, how did they track that? Any tips for using that?

Could someone shed some light on this pls, or direct to a thread...?


Using QuidCo:

Make sure you delete all of your cookies first so there's less chance of the QuidCo ones being blocked (REALLY IMPORTANT):

General QuidCo help:

You need to delete your cookies to make sure no advertising cookies from the link are in the way of the QuidCo one.

When you go through the QuidCo link, a "cookie" file is placed on your computer which watches what you do on the link website and if you buy a phone then the Link know that QuidCo sent them to your site.

After a few days the transaction should appear and in month or so you should receive payment. If the cookie didn't manage to track properly and it doesn't appear after about a week then you have to contact QuidCo who will try to get the cashback manually by sending the details of your order to the Link and telling them you used QuidCo. The Link has said they'll only pay half the amount of cashback if that happens. It's a bit unfair but that's the way it is - it should track on its own no problmes if your cookies are cleared and you have cookies enabled, etc.

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Thank you for this information duckmeister!

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