Sony Ericsson W810i inc 512mb memory card for £37.98 del. (plus £8 Quidco) maybe less!
Sony Ericsson W810i inc 512mb memory card for £37.98 del. (plus £8 Quidco) maybe less!

Sony Ericsson W810i inc 512mb memory card for £37.98 del. (plus £8 Quidco) maybe less!

Buy forBuy forBuy for£37.98
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Virgin Mobile have a sale on at the minute..some good deals some not so good.

Although quite old compared to some of their newer phones this Sony Ericsson still represents good value for money.Comes complete with all the usual retail accessories including a 512mb memory card and cracking set of headphones.
The get the above price... log into your virgin mobile account,click on the "Get upgrade" box under the Red is for Rewards banner on the bottom right of screen then click on the "Buy a phone" box at the bottom of the next screen.This then takes you to the Pay as you go phones page where you can select the SE phone at £10 less than normal price.Incidentally i also got the option of another £10 off as an upgrade reward bringing the price down even further but have been a customer for quite a while.
If you're not already a Virgin Mobile customer then just register one of the free simcards they always seems to send out and you can still get the above price.
Don't forget that there's also £8 for going through Quidco too.

Just as a comparison the same phone on the O2 website is currently £69.99 and from CPW is £59.99 with a mandatory £10 airtime purchase on top.

Hope this is of use to some of you.



Now showing £44.99

good reliable phone, good price, i have this on 02 and never had problems with it. voted hot


Bristle Hound;1386074

Now showing £44.99

not if you do it as an upgrade

The phone is £44.99 + £2.99 P&P. To get the phone for £37.98, as the OP says, you have to log in to a Virgin account and click the "Get upgrade" box etc...

thanks orderd!

Ordered - also had a £10 upgrade allowance so £27.98 delivered.

Thanks Wideboy_no.

not a great deal before xmas they were giving £10, £20, £40 call time dependent on what phone you brought, for example samsung u600 was £179 with £40 call time now £149 with no call time, they have given with one hand and taken with the other. if you want to buy check previous posts and i think you should be able to get a 25% off maybe then a reasonable deal

no its about the same price (£36.73) with the 25% off but it will get cancelled if ya use it and are not working for virgin mobile i tried this before and many others have and reported been called up or cancelled like mine was via email.

ordered but what does the 'upgrade' option actually mean?


I have no idea what the above two posts are talking about but I've ordered one anyway

Anyone know who they use to deliver the phones?

i think they will use Royal Mail special delivery service.

brilliant post!

meh i want to order another 1!

great spot wideboy, ordered one!!!! great phones!!!!!

payment has been taken

I bought one for my son for xmas, paid £50 for it, after a £20 discount for a first order from marshall ward.
I thought that was a good deal.

I'm not a virgin mobile customer, hence this discount wont work for me.
What was the 25% discount code - i've searched and can't find it.


Like everything i buy i get reviews on it, and eveyone said this phone is great, with me looking adnd rushing through them does anyone know if you can assign the mp3 to ringtone and sms messages?

anyway i have a virgin sim only deal and logged into that account and said have £10 upgrade voucher so used that came to £37.98 which included postage for those that didnt notice on the order it gave a delivery date which mine said tomorrow between 5 and 8pm,


i think they will use Royal Mail special delivery service.

They use lynx couriers for there phone delivery

top spot, upcoming birthday pressie sorted, cheers

Never mind.. found the 25% code, and will give it a trial.


nice find


I have no idea what the above two posts are talking about but I've … I have no idea what the above two posts are talking about but I've ordered one anywayAnyone know who they use to deliver the phones?

I've ordered from them 5+ times and they've always sent my order with 'Lynx', usually arrives next day even when I've ordered after 6pm! Very good service.

Seems a very good deal to me. Im a virgin customer, and am on their £10 a month 300mins/text contract.

I logged in and it said the total price to pay is £27.98 - £34.99 for the phone then £2.99 delivery but with £10 upgrade allowance, it dropped to £27.98. If quidco validates then that means you get the phone for about £20. Dirt cheap!!!

More info on the fone sonyericsson.com/cws…10i

Voted hot!!!


Good phone, ©rap company.

Last phone I got from them was looked like it was a return and had scratches, they had no more in stock so I had to get a refund. They kept the postage costs which meant I was left out of pocket for their used product.


Never mind.. found the 25% code, and will give it a … Never mind.. found the 25% code, and will give it a trial.J]http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/66894/25-off-any-virgin-payg-phone/all/vouchers/new/

This is for Virgin media employee's only, Virgin have phoned up people and cancelled orders in the past if they cannot confirm you are a Virgin employee.

Great post thanks. Wife has my old W800i and a bit chewed off with my O2 orbit, so ordered and as a Virgin Customer I got it for the £37 delivered by going through the upgrade link on your account page.

Thanks again.

Heat added just bought for 27.98

Excellent - ordered. just hope joystick thing has been improved since k700i, which packed up pretty quick.

Anybody know how often you can 'upgrade' with Virgin i.e. get the phone cheaper than the price you see when just logging onto the Virginn website?


Heat added just bought for 27.98

Is this inlcuding quidco. Can i ask how you do it, log into quidco, then pull up virgin and then change the end of the url so you can enter the tribal code?

Did mine 10 mins ago but hasnt tracked yet - maybe i did it wrong?



some pople are saying they cant get this to work so have added this

Click Link


then go through quidco should still be in basket and then you get £8 tracked

Quidco still not tracked for me yet. Anyone had theirs tracked??

i had £20 upgrade allowance so i got it for 17.98 very good post thaks

Matt J;1386327

Possible free unlock solution here. … Possible free unlock solution here. (Patch)http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/2/333229

If you've credited more than £30 with virgin, I believe you can ring them up and they wil post out the unlock code for your phone.

Is this phone simlocked?

Will be locked to Virgin & possibly T Mobile (because they use T mobs network)

Excellent post, ordered and quidco has validated.

Original Poster


Is this phone simlocked?

It will be locked to Virgin Mobile only..Had numerous phones from them in the past and although they use the T-mobile network they lock them for use with Virgin sims only.
Easy enough to get unlocked anyway.. not sure if the aformentioned method works but if not should only be around a fiver from local market stall/phoneshop.

Cancelled my Virgin Contract about 2 weeks ago but kept the sim active. Orderd the phone with £30 upgrade allowance. so it came to £7.98. if quidco works i make a whole 2p :-D

Thanks. Ordered 1. If I do not like it can always unlock it and sell on to CEX.

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