Sony Ericsson W810i ONLY £99.95 on Orange (£10 top up required)

Sony Ericsson W810i ONLY £99.95 on Orange (£10 top up required)

Found 4th Apr 2007
The Sony Ericsson W810i mobile phone isn't just a music player. It's a Walkman - one of the world's best-known and respected audio brands.

This stylish handset offers everything you'd expect from a top-class MP3 player, including customised playlists and individual folders for your favourite artists. It's supplied with a 512MB Memory Stick PRO, giving you enough memory for 240 full-length tracks. A stereo headset lets you listen to your songs and also enables you to make or receive handsfree calls. In addition, there's an FM radio with RDS to automatically identify the station you're looking for.

Of course, as you'd expect from Sony Ericsson, there's much more to this mobile than mere music. The W810i has a 2-megapixel digital camera with autofocus for extra-sharp photos. It records videos, too. A web browser gives you internet access, an email program lets you check your inbox¿ and there's text and picture messaging as well.

Bluetooth and infrared connectivity are both included, along with a USB cable and Disc2Phone software that makes it easy to copy songs from your CDs to your phone. The whole package makes the Sony Ericsson W810i much more than a music player and much more than a camera phone. It's a multitalented success.


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£5 quidco also available

Brings total cost down to £104.95 with the £10 airtime included.

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Cold voters :giggle:

As low as £104.95 with £10 credit is cheap imo but please tell me where its cheaper as Im wanting to place an order

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Think Im going to go for this one if its unlocked and unbranded. Otherwise will pay the extra £10 and get it on o2


Great phones - just a shame that Crap Phoney Warehouse have blacklisted me

Unlocked...and unbranded? What do you mean by unbranded? And is it unlocked?

great price, just wish it was last week as just brought mum one for her birthday, and paid more than this, never mind good find col !!!:thumbsup:

Excellent price Col

Any answers to my q?

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Any answers to my q?

Unbranded is where the phone software in generic.

For example T mobile and vodafone normally install their own softwares on handsets that sometimes slow them down etc.

Other branding includes logos and special network specific buttons etc:thumbsup:

Unlocked? Don't know Maybe


Can I use my existing Virgin Mobile sim card with it?

This phone is likely to be locked to Orange, Most PAYG phones are locked. The exception is when retailers bundle sim free stock with a PAYG sim card. Should be easily unlockable at your local market dealer unlocker


I have had this phone for 4 months and is a wonderful phone.

The only setback I feel is that the phone goes completely blank and does not even have the clock appear in the sleep mode. So I have to keep pressing the buttons if I am away from the phone to check any missed calls. Normally on most phones the missed call icon would just show on the screen without having to press any buttons.

The reason why Sony did this was to ensure the battery life would last longer, personally I would have preferred charging more often than having to unnecessarily press buttons to illuminate the screen to check missed calls/text messages.

very tempted, must resist!

I don't know about online but CPW phones purchased instore are unlocked, like was said above they are all SIM free stock bundled with a network's SIM pack.

Online may be different, however.

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Had it confirmed that these are unlocked :thumbsup:

Got mine in shop today.

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