Sony Ericsson W850i - Now reduced to £169.99
Sony Ericsson W850i - Now reduced to £169.99

Sony Ericsson W850i - Now reduced to £169.99

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This is the must have walkman phone from SonyEricsson.
I've been after this phone for a while now, and cant find anywhere selling it for less than £200.
Its just been reduced yesterday by Play from 189.99 to 169.99 which im sure you'll agree, for a phone of this spec is fantastic.
It comes with Vodafone sim which you can keep or replace with your own, however it may need unlocking first which is no more than a tenner.
This is my first deal post, so please be nice!!
Also this is the white version which i think looks so much classier!

ducky adds: The W850i Walkman phone is a 3G mobile phone, a Walkman player and a camera. With a 1GB memory you'll be able to store your entire music collection in your pocket and transferring your music from your PC is easy with the data cable and Disc2Phone software. The W850i contains a direct link to an online music store too, and you can even preview music before you buy. Or, if you hear a song you like but don't know what it is then record a short clip with your W850i and within seconds it will give you the name, artist and album on your phone! There are two cameras on the W850i, a small camera above the screen for making face to face video calls and a high quality 2 megapixel camera on the back for taking stills and recording video.



NIce phone JASE !! See the link in my sig for help on adding pics

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Thanks Col and Emma, all help appeciated!! :thumbsup:

If you are looking for a contract, 3 have some very good deals on this phone, plus up to £100 Quidco cashback, plus £30 if you are referred by an existing 3 customer.

good price the link have a refurb sim free one in black for £179.99 also!

Nice looking phone Thanks for the pointer.

I have one of these phones. I love it. It comes with a 1gb pro duo memory stick.

Best spending £6 on resetting the firmware to factory settings to get rid of the nasty phone operator menus (orange/voda etc) Thats what I did, get all the features SE intended for the phone to have, not the ones the phone operator wants you to have. :x


Like all Vodafone phones from Play these will need unlocking and debranding.

Does anyone know exactly how much unlocking costs? Vodafone want £400 over 12 months for a white W850i on contract and so it'd be cheaper to buy it PAYG and get a 12 months contract from someone else.

You can get this phone in black from O2 for free on a 12month £20/m contract (+£35 quidco) bringing total cost to £205 over term.

Added a phone description. Nice find.


Does anyone know exactly how much unlocking costs?

No one can say for sure but a local independent phone shop or market stall should be able to do it for £5 - £10 don't go to the network provider they charge about £20 - £30 because they don't want you changing

My mate says that sometimes vodaphone will do it for free

Thanks for the replies - I think unfortunately the latest SE phones currently require SE themselves or a service centre to unlock them (or a handle of web sites). Cheapest I've found so far is £22.95.

LOVE to be proved wrong :-)

Yea this phone is great. I've just upgraded on my works contract, for free :-D Has a good quality screen and the Walkman side of things is superb. Especially the nifty Track ID feature. Comes complete with a Sony 1GB memory card!

The only downside I find is it's lack of settings for Text messages and calls although it does seem to just save them all.

I bought this from a local shop cheaply, unboxed etc. It was locked to orange. Local market traders cannot unlock this for under £40! I contacted orange who asked me to make sure I had £20 credit on my phone. They took this and sent a code. It didn't work! They then sent another and it did! I believe the same thing can be done on T Mob and Vodafone.:roll:
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