Sony Ericsson W880i (on Orange) - £99.99 at Argos or less!

Sony Ericsson W880i (on Orange) - £99.99 at Argos or less!

Found 6th Mar 2008
Picked one of these up from the Bournemouth store this morning - stonking deal! Stocks are probably a little erratic, but worth a look nonetheless...also, try checking stocks over the phone as I was unable to reserve one online, but they were in stock at the store.


262K colour screen.
Built in 2 megapixel camera with zoom.
MP3 player.
16Mb internal memory.
1Gb micro M2 card included.
Tri band.
Up to 390 minutes talk time.
Up to 1020 hours stand by time.
Vibration alert.
Downloadable games.
WAP compatible.
Voice dialling.
Size (H)103, (W)47, (D)9mm.
Weight 71g.


£5 voucher - credit to Edi.


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Why the cold votes? :?
£94/£99.99 is the cheapest that this can be found by a substantial margin from what I can see!

It is so annoying when people vote cold and do not explain themselves. I think this is a good deal - so it would be nice if people advice otherwise!!

some people vote cold regardless of deal- dont worry about it

seems like a great price, voted hot hot hot

This phone has just been replaced by the w890i! Expect to see it being reduced everywhere.

Voted hot.

Had one of these phones for about 10 months now and had nothing but trouble with it, voted hot as this is cheap but the phones are awful.

Got a call from Sony yesterday. They have just launched the w890i.


You can get the w880i from fro the same price and they will … You can get the w880i from fro the same price and they will give you ten pounds credit on Virgin.

Thats £110 delivered

Had this phone for 8 months and i can truly say these are SO **** ... It has a mind of its own to switch off itself when it likes ... the speakerphone was amazing as the other person could never hear me .... Switched to Good Old Nokia 6230i ... much reliable .... This went back to Sony repair centre and came back but still the same so become spare .... Ordered a new Nokia 6500 slide black .... Be WARNED ....


good deals some ppl just vote cold for the fun of it no wories, voted hot:thumbsup::-D

Get a K770i, which you can unlock for free. It's got a better camera and is much much more sleek.
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