Sony Ericsson w890i Walkman £70.94 PAYG 02 or Tesco - unbranded @ Additions
Sony Ericsson w890i Walkman £70.94 PAYG 02 or Tesco - unbranded @ Additions

Sony Ericsson w890i Walkman £70.94 PAYG 02 or Tesco - unbranded @ Additions

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Includes 2gb card AND phone is unbranded ie no 02 logo
Phone is reduced by £20 to £99.99. Use the £30.00 first order code - ZG310. They charged me for postage but the VAT reduction more or less covers this.
The phone is brilliant too...it comes with an 02 sim but I've put my Tesco sim in and it's working fine (it wouldnt accept my 3 sim though... but who cares about that?)
Also got some free Funky Fish accessories with it (will put them on ebay!)
The service and delivery from Additions has all been top notch, but note I've genuinely never used them before so the code worked for me no probs.


Good deal.Ive had mine a month now after doing a similar deal with littlewoodsdirect.
If you want to unlock it?? go here hotukdeals.com/ite…fo/ works great!!

Nice deal! Thx.

I bought mine 2nd hand for £80 7 months ago and it was worth every penny then. very good deal.

I've had the w880i for nearly two years and have wanted one of these ones for a while

came up as £72.95 for me with the £30 discount - quidco offer 8% from the people too

Awesome. I'm after a new phone so this will be on my list of possibilities. HOT!

our lass has one

she says it crashes and freezes a lot

Just to make sure there's no misunderstanding - the phone is NETlocked to o2 and hence works on Tesco as well (which uses the o2 Network) but will not work on other networks unless unlocked

Other than that, good deal (been considering a spare before). I have been using one for 15 Months now and am even considering to move 'back' to it as my mainphone (am now using iPhone as primary and w890i as secondary phone). If you (like me) don't like the whole touchscreen stuff and just want a nice, small, good quality phone with HSDPA, Exchange Sync and decent battery life - this is the way to go.

Forget about it if you care about taking pictures with your phone tho, as the camera is cr*p...

quick service from these people is one thing I can say - ordered it monday lunchtime, had it tuesday lunch time

I bought this as a natural successor to my much beloved w880i

after playing with it for the first few minutes, I didn't llike it, there had been quite a few design changes from the w880i which I definitely think are for the worse

reasons I initially didn't like it:

- memory slot access, the whole point of the walkman range was to have an easily accessible memory card slot so you can swap and change cards depending on the music you were listening too, the w880i did this perfectly with an external card slot, the w890i you have to take the back off to change the card

^ this is my main gipe - I cannot forgive them for this

- keypad, ok the the w880i didn't really have proper keys, more like 'raised ridges' which were initally difficult to use but easily adjusted to and they gave the phone a ceretain charm, the w890i has proper keys which are much easier to use but has lost of bit of the w880i's charm, no real problem though
- the w890i has the traditional make call/hangup keys (red/green handset icons), which I had never realised the w880i does have, but functions perfectly well without them - so we have lost some other useful keys because of the inclusion of these - most notiably the dedicated 'go back' key which is very, very useful on the w880i, also we have lost the 'direct internet' key
- the w890i has a lock/unlock slider button on both sides, you set both to unlock to remove the back - why? - the w880i just prised off with a fingernail and was quite sturdy - ok this makes the w890i more secure, but I never had a problem with my w880i's back coming off unexpectedly
- the w890i has a dedicated on/off button on the top of the phone, the w880i you just pressed and held the C button to turn on/off

those are the reason I didn't like it at first...

after playing with it for a few more hours and using the links from this site to UNLOCK AND DEBRAND it for FREE! I started to like it a bit more

even though I will only use an O2 sim in this phone, and unlocked phone is far more flexible, e.g. if a friends phone runs out of charge and asks to borrow your phone to put their sim in

also a unlocked/debranded phone has much better resale value

so all in all, the change from using the w880i to a w890i is a bit of a culture shock - considering it's pretty much the same phone

I'm still not 100% that I like the w890i, but I do like it much more than when I first opened the box

phew... sorry about the rant

Either you were the lucky one or I am the unlucky one..!

Ordered late night on 08Jun. The website said it will be delivered on 10Jun. (so far so good).

Today, 11June - the website says "delivered" ! - only I haven't got the phone!

I call the customer services, the lady first says its delivered and they have a signature; then puts me through to another rep who says "delivered" means it is delivered to the warehouse :? and it will take 48hrs for them to sort it out...

They could not give me the courier name or the tracking number.. which makes me suspect if they dispatched it at all.. my credit card has been charged though..

...and all this for a birthday gift that I was get delivered on or before 11June.

So much for quick service...Jokers!

Sorry for the rant.. had to get it out.. :x

PS: I've also realised that they do a credit search with the credit agencies if this is your first purchase. From their website...
"For everyone's protection, we check the details of every first order with the fraud prevention agencies and these checks may be repeated with future orders." So not only is their service ****, but a search recorded in my credit history if I purchase from them! At this rate my credit history will be full of searches from online purchases making me ineligible for any loans/mortgages in future.

So much for buying from these clowns! Caveat Emptor!


quick service from these people is one thing I can say - ordered it … quick service from these people is one thing I can say - ordered it monday lunchtime, had it tuesday lunch time

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