Sony Ericsson W910i (Gold) - now available at £79.99 delivered on Vodafone PAYG with FREE Sony Ericsson MPS-70 speakers @ Play.com
Sony Ericsson W910i (Gold) - now available at £79.99 delivered on Vodafone PAYG with FREE Sony Ericsson MPS-70 speakers @ Play.com

Sony Ericsson W910i (Gold) - now available at £79.99 delivered on Vodafone PAYG with FREE Sony Ericsson MPS-70 speakers @ Play.com

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Play.com have now got the Sony Ericsson W910i walkman phone in gold for just £79.99 on Vodafone pay as you go. Delivery is free, and they're throwing in FREE Sony Ericsson MPS-70 speakers.

The W910i is one of the most advanced phones in the Walkman range. It features the latest Walkman software with Shake Control. Shake the phone to the right to skip forward a track, or to the left to skip back. A double shake will reshuffle the current playlist. The W910i also features SenseMe, a technology that analyses the music stored on the phone and intelligently assigns a mood based on the tempo and style of the music. Afterwards you can create a new playlist according to your state of mind.

Gizmos aside, the W910i has much more to offer. Its a 3G slider phone with a 2 megapixel camera, video calling, HSDPA and a large 2.4 inch display, yet is weighs just 86g and measures only 12.5mm thick. Its good looking too. Other features worth noting are HSDPA (3.6 Mbits/sec) for high speed music downloads, web browser, FM radio with RDS, stereo Bluetooth and up to 9 hours talk time per battery charge.

The sound from the MPS-70 is tuned for your Sony Ericsson music phone while the cables are an FM antenna for radio. All you have to do is find good music. They look good, fit in your pocket and you'll be amazed at the great sound they produce. The perfectly easy way to play the music on your phone out loud.


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All the Sony Erission Walkman phones look the same. No different to me.

We have to pay for it? Freezing!

Just kidding!

I have this phone, it's buggy if you intend to to use the complicated stuff like bluetooth modem and PC sync over BT. Can't wait to get rid to be honest.

This phone hasn't got good reviews, people say it crashes, freezes and red light of death after only weeks of use?
There is downloadable software available to try and sort the problem, but people still report the problems?

I did have one red light of death, and had to send it back to be reflashed after all the internet settings disappeared and *had* to be reinserted into the NVRAM. Had the phone about 12 months now I guess.

Mines worked flawlessly for over a year now, whilst my C905 has been to the repair center three times.

I've got a Sony/Ericcson, but it has an obvious problem, you cant recharge and play it at the same time due to only one connector

You can buy a charger with a piggy back for the audio. Mine was supplied with that charger and I bought a few more for the office and my travel bag.

Thee worst phone i ever bought. Terrible phone avoid. Mine lasted 2 months

had for a year,no probs at all,great wee phone,got 50 odd cd's on a 2 gig card

Brilliant phone, I think most issues are caused with nasty network firmware rather than hardware. We have had 2 in our house and both have been faultless but both were sim-free versions.

Yeah its primarily firmware. Da vinci place has firmwares but they cost a pretty penny.

I have this same phone and it does often randomly shut down on me especially if i'm going too fastf ro it

has anyone got a link to any firmware that could possibly improve this, the worst phone ever made?

The bird has one of these babies and to be honest I find it a godsend because whenever I want to stop talking to her I just disconnect and blame her end.

She's got a lovely end, incidentally.

Don't get it, it's terrible, breaks all the time, stops charging properly, crashes, freezes, won't turn on etc

Even got it all updated and it still managed to break and sony refused to fix it.


I got this on a contract 14 months ago and after 3 months it was basically unusable as you get red light of death and everything crashes so I phoned Orange who said usual problem and they would send me a new one.

14 months later I am my 4th phone of this model and advise noone to buy this phone if they plan on using it for more than 3 months.

had mine for 18 months without fault - really good phone

Gold? Looks sh*tty brown to me

Had mine since xmas and have found that it sometimes switches itself off and the charger needs a wiggle to work properly.
Apart from that its the best phone I've had with some fantastic features.

n.b. for all the negative comments this phone has been voted hot so that says something.

Mine kept freezing and running very slow. Bought the W890i instead and it's brilliant - no freezing and much better build quality with a metal fascia.

Horrible phone. I've had all the problems mentioned above :-(( Nothing ever seems to fix it. Avoid IMHO

Had this phone for 6 months, it would freeze every 3-4 hours, then sometimes after this it would do it 3-4 times again. sometimes it took up to ten minuites to get it to play music.

Personally I would never buy a SE again.
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