Sony HDR-TG7 Camcorder £353.99 @ Amazon
Sony HDR-TG7 Camcorder £353.99 @ Amazon

Sony HDR-TG7 Camcorder £353.99 @ Amazon

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Sony HDR-TG7 camcorder. This camcorder is now discontinued by Sony and the price has been slipping quite fast, I purchased this not so long ago for £399 and thought that was a bargain.

This camcorder is a pistol grip style, easy to use although there are a lot of menu's on the touch screen. The beauty of this particular pistol grip camcoder is it is very small, easy to carry, very quick startup time from off. It's also less conspicuous than a traditional style camcorder.

At the full asking price you would have had to have really wanted one of these camcorders to make a purchase but at this price it offers a very attractive proposition to those wanting a very good occasional camcorder.

My previous HD camcorder experience has included owning a HDC-SD9 (good) and using a Canon HF S21 (excellent). Prior to that owning a string of Sony camcorders.

The inevitable low light question will arise ... the answer is this camcorder is adequate but not exceptional, you'll need a Sony with nightshot or a camcorder with very low lux rating (like the Canon).

Wish I'd bought this camcorder at the above price but I'm very happy with my purchase.



The real problem is you could pick up a Panasonic FZ38 for £250 or the new FZ45 for £300 which would have a bigger zoom and similar video quality. Then in one package you have a good still and video camera. The Sony might slip into your pocket but you still need to carry a stills camera for the average family.

If you are really keen on image quality then you need a video camera with optical image stabilization and a better lens. Still good price if you need a pocket sized HD video camera.

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Hi, thanks for your comments.

HotBot, the FZ45 can only shot 720p, the TG7 is 720p, 1080i and SD formats. No current camera on the market right now can match a camcorder for video quality (don't listen to the reviews, go see for yourself), conversely the camcorders cannot match the stills images of a dedicated camera.

Overall I guess it depends on what you want to be your primary source.

Once again thanks for looking and commenting

That is the Holy Grail most users are looking for!

A one unit solution that provides both Quality HD movies and photographic images. Cameras such as the Panasonic GH1 and the new Sony A55 come close but at a price. The Panasonic FZ100 will shoot in full HD (1080i) but it's IQ is not as good as it should be for £400.

If I had money to burn I would get this offer for a pocket sized video solution but then again maybe an iPhone 4 would be more practical for just a little bit more!

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Morning HotBot,

A decent camera with video recording or camcorder with stills would be awesome and I'm sure the convergence won't be far off (to be fair, if you are happy with good and don't play the numbers game you could probably get that now, as you say from the FZ45). I'd always fancied those Sanyo VPC-HD2000 for that exact reason but the only place I'd seen them where you could have a play was Jessops and even then they always seemed to be quite popular so it ends up being a bun fight trying to get some time to use the camera/corder.

The problem with the FZ38 is that video is limited to 15 minutes length. Not sure whether the FZ45 have this limit also.

Somebody did advise me to buy a US version so no limit, but this is hard to find and expensive once you account for import duties.

. I have seen some asian version supposedly from Hong Kong for sale but am worried about warranty and the problem of the NTSC system.

Awesome unit, small compact and no need to carry a camcorder case around, ideal for holidays and days out as less baggage to carry! Got it from currys for 370 so good deal
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