Sony HDRCX105ES High Definition Handycam Camcorder £392.71 @ Amazon plus £50 sony cashback

Sony HDRCX105ES High Definition Handycam Camcorder £392.71 @ Amazon plus £50 sony cashback

Found 24th Jun 2009
I have been looking for a HD camcorder for a trip away and have come across this deal at amazon. The cheapest price I have come across and with the cashback from Sony seemingly a very good deal for a recent model.
Only sore point I guess is that sony memory isnt the cheapest, but with the camcorder coming in at less than £350, shouldnt be a huge problem.

Review here:…/p1

cashback pdf is on the page


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not too sure mate, trusted reviews seems to rate the sony better because of its low light performance. Just did a search on the panny and theres none near me either. With the sony coming in at £342 think its a good deal but having 2nd thoughts due to the lack of heat!!

Not alot really the one posted has a bigger screen and bigger internal mem and other minor things but they are both 1080p recording so no big difference i can see.

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Just got back from a sony centre where i had a play with the camera (still retailing at £580 and listed as a new model:?).
First impressions: truly small, seems to the fit the hand quite nicely.
Lack of buttons and seems nice and simple to use.

Possible issue - its so small that shakiness may be a problem.

at this price point though dont think there are any real alternatives unless people have any suggestions?


which one is better … which one is better[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccfdadehiihmjfjcflgceggdhhmdgmj.0&page=Product&fm=null&sm=null&tm=null&sku=476565&category_oid=-33740

I had Panasonic SD20 from QVC for £299.99. It looks very nice and that's it. The quality is very poor. I think it is quite close to standard definition quality. In the end, I returned it.

Now I got Panasonic SD100 which has 3MOS technology and produces much better video. It has Manual focus rings, Zoom etc.

In contract, if you are comparing Sony and Panasonic SD20, go for Canon (I know this sounds silly).

My favourite one is Canon HV30. Truly Amazing camera. You won't regret it. I can gurantee you.

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looks great but is double the price. Im looking for a camera to travel with for a while so I dont want to spend too much in case it hets 'misplaced', have you any thoughts for a camcorder around the 300-400 mark?

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cheers for the info, gona see if i can track down a SD9 so I can have a look at it, sound good. Strange that replacement models have a lower spec though, must be the credit crunch!

Absolutely right JP82. SD20 is supposed to be better than SD9. But in reality, SD9 is way better than SD20.
No wonder SD9 got TIPA award. So go for it mate.

Now £377.38 or £327.38 after cashback which runs until 16 August 2009 inclusive.
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